Hello and welcome to the RJHS Counseling website!  We are so excited to have your child be a part of our school family.   

RSD Counselors' Vision
To partner with one another, as well as with
educators, families, and the community to
provide a safe environment, while
empowering the whole child to become a
successful, productive member of society.
RSD Counselors' Mission
The Russellville School Counseling program
supports, provides services to, and develops
skills in every child, every day.
RSD Counselors' Beliefs
  • We believe that when students feel safe and connected at school, they are better able to self-regulate and to solve problem
  • It’s important that everyone (administrators, teachers, counselors, families, students) understand and support the counselor’s role in a comprehensive school counseling program.
  •  Data collection and reflection support, and allow counselors to improve upon, counselors’ advocacy for students.
  • Students’ current and future success (in academics, socially/emotionally, for careers, as citizens) is the focus of the school counselor.  We believe that students’ diverse talents should be cultivated, and that their varying needs (academic, linguistic, social/emotional) should be met in the school setting.
  • To make lasting, sustainable change, counselors need to work with students’ families, as well as with the students themselves.
  • School counselors need timely/current professional development in strategies/techniques that are aimed at meeting the needs of our students, many of whom present with behavioral/emotional challenges, and whose families are impacted by a variety of complex issues.  
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