Reporting @ Russell Street

posted 28 Jun 2017, 18:02 by James Rea   [ updated 28 Jun 2017, 18:54 ]
Our mid year report is the first of two written reports for the year.  It makes early, interim judgments about progress and achievement against the national standards in reading and maths, and in particular identifies next steps for each learner, while also outlining ways that you can support learning outside of school.


Please note that reports are only written for those students that have been here for over a term –reports are NOT written for any students that have joined us since the start of the year in any new entrant class.  These students will receive their first report when they are getting closer to the first national standard (i.e. when they have almost been here for the 12 months, which is the first national standard) at the end of this year.  Put simply, we have little to effectively measure them against when most of them have only been here between one and ten weeks.

I am hopeful that you have ALL remembered to book your Learning Conference, regardless of how long your child has been at Russell Street.  If not, please arrange to do so asap!  These are on next week.  Details for booking here.


And finally, please remember that school closes at the earlier time of 12.30 pm this coming Monday, July  3rd  only, enabling teachers to get started on conferences.


Kelly Club have set up a program for students whose parents are unable to find suitable care arrangements. Details about cost and booking can be found on their website.