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posted 9 Aug 2017, 21:20 by Nick Rate   [ updated 9 Aug 2017, 21:31 by James Rea ]
Tēna koutou katoa

I was privileged to spend time over the last two days visiting schools in the Hawke's Bay with a group of principals from the Manawatu. We spent time in Kimi Ora, Frimley and Havelock Primary schools. Within the last 2 years, all of these schools have had new principals, and hearing their stories and what they have developed in that time was very informative and enlightening, and especially relevant to me having so recently taken over the reins here at Russell Street.

Visiting other schools is a rich learning experience, and something that has been embraced here at Russell St through both hosting other schools and groups, and also regularly getting out and about and seeing what is happening in our region's schools and beyond.

Every school is different and Russell St's community, vision and story is unique, just like the three schools I visited, and I was left with much to consider and if it has a place here. What was noticeable in all schools was; 
  • a huge emphasis on play based learning which was being widely explored and resourced,
  • a clear commitment to collaborative teaching and learning approaches and spaces,
  • the celebration of the cultural diversity present in all schools no matter how big or how small that ethnic group was,
  • a desire for ongoing innovation and making the schools the best possible place for students and their learning,
  • high expectations for teachers, well supported through professional inquiry and professional learning, to ensure they were as effective as possible,
  • evidence based decision making support by data on learning and research.
Finally what was also evident was how the three principals, who were all very different in their leadership style, had the drive and commitment to make decisions. There were often bold and courageous, but always with the best interests of the learners at the centre.

Some great inspiration!

Ngā mihi