From the Principal....

posted 14 Mar 2017, 19:56 by Russell Street School Office   [ updated 14 Mar 2017, 20:03 ]
Dear Parents/Caregivers of Rooms 4, 12 and 13,

 I am writing to inform you that as a result of my resignation, there will be some interim arrangements that require some adjustment to school organisation. As you can appreciate, the appointment process does take more than a few weeks, and at the time of writing the board are aiming for the new Principal to start at the beginning of term three.

 First up, James Rea will be Acting Principal over term two. 

 Subsequent to this, Elly Warnock, will be Acting Deputy Principal, and will be ‘walking’ (i.e. not take up the R4 classroom teaching role until term three). This will ensure there is strong leadership and oversight of the full school, pastoral care, programmes and communication.

 Nicole will remain in R4 until the end of term two, and will now take up her role in R12/13 from term three. This will mean that these children only have one change of teacher, at mid-year, and given that it is Elly that takes over in term three, it can be easily managed.We are presently advertising (and shoulder tapping) for a suitable teacher to work alongside Kelly and Ebony in R12/13 over term two. This collaborative arrangement will mean that all children starting school for the first time in term two, have continuity throughout all of 2017.

These interim arrangements are being well planned and managed and you can have confidence that transitions will be seamless.