Digital Safety and Opportunity

posted 26 Jun 2017, 19:02 by James Rea   [ updated 26 Jun 2017, 19:04 ]
With many of our children having access to technologies both at home for entertainment and at school to support their learning we thought it was timely to share a few thoughts with families as outlined below.

Technologies play an important role in connecting all the stakeholders in a child's learning. We have had families spread all around the country and even the world leaving comments and following the children's learning journey. Studies have shown that effective feedback and authentic, purposeful learning is a contributing factor in educational success.

Technologies allow for children to engage in learning in a wide range ways. Learning is no longer limited by their location, time or onsite resources. Children's creativity and imagination can be used to gather and communicate ideas through still and moving images, sound and motion then shared with a wide range of audiences.

At school children have access to a range of tools to support their learning. These include gmail, blogs, web browsers, iPads, iPods, Still and video cameras. While at school the children's digital participation is supported by clear expectations and systems, planned experiences as well as being monitored and filtered by sophisticated software. This helps ensure children are focused on learning and it is as safe as possible.  

At home it is important that you have ongoing discussions with your children about the expectations with technologies and develop systems to continue keeping children focused on learning and as safe as possible. Using technologies only in family spaces like the lounge, setting restrictions and routinely monitoring history and applications added to a device are important. In homes with older siblings awareness and access to applications creates pressure for younger children to have applications that are not designed or set up for primary aged students. Much of the understanding of what data social media collects and shares, the maturity to manage when things go wrong  and exposure to inappropriate themes and contexts is worrying. We do not want children to have violent games, additional social media apps like facebook, snapchat etc and in most cases will ask children to remove these from learning devices. If you are not sure about an app have a chat with your child's teacher.

Netsafe is a Govt funded agency that specialises in supporting the best digital practices. They give advice on all aspects of internet, cellphone, social media use and is very useful for schools and parents. Taking a look at the NetSafe site is certainly worth some time.

Linked is a guide we developed for iPad users. Many iPads set up at school will have the restrictions set and serial numbers recorded. Checking this on your child's device is highly recommended.  

If you have any further questions please call in or email James or talk to your child's teacher.