CRE Update (Christian Religious Education)

posted 4 Mar 2017, 13:31 by Nick Rate
The Churches Education Commission welcome being able to provide a values-based Christian Religious Education (CRE) programme at RSS. The school has a policy which outlines how this voluntary programme works in the school. This was last reviewed late 2015 and is due for review again in 2018. 
Quite importantly this policy states that children, whose parents inform the Principal in writing either at enrolment or subsequently that they don’t wish their child to receive CRE, will not attend. Children that don’t attend will be the responsibility of the school. These children will have the opportunity to experience a range of purposeful curriculum experiences, and not simply remain supervised. The Principal will inform parents about the nature of any programme provided. This will be called ‘Friday Explorers’.

Tutors will visit classes to observe the classroom management techniques this coming Friday and CRE will begin 'proper' the following week.  Please note that the CRE team do not yet have a full muster of tutors, so it is quite possible that some ages/classes will not yet be included.
Full information about the programme can be found on the Churches Education Commission's website.  Link here.