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posted 4 Mar 2015, 22:24 by Fiona Hunter

Starts Friday 5 March for students not participating in CRE.  Here’s what on the agenda for the next 5 weeks. 

Year 1/2 students will be using our new Arts Space, exploring Geometry, Art and Books.  What a combination!  They will be working together, using shapes to create some fabulous art inspired by a favourite picture book.   

Year 3/4 students will be lining up with Carolyn, exploring 'line' together and creating a small portfolio of line art.  

Year 4/5/6 students will be in two groups, working with Kerri and Troy.  They will be exploring fitness and movement through games and play.  

Enjoy your first round of CRE and Friday Explorers!

From The Principal ...

posted 4 Mar 2015, 15:27 by Russell Street School Office   [ updated 4 Mar 2015, 15:28 ]

Thursday March 5th

At last night’s Board of Trustees meeting we tabled the final national standards achievement information for the 2014 school year. These exciting results and further progress reflect an unequivocal focus on lifting achievement for all learners.  In particular the Board were delighted with the lift in achievement in writing, after two years as a priority for us.

Also tabled was the final milestone report for ‘Catch Me if You Can’, a three year programme that we secured funds for, which focused on lifting participation, developing and extending skills, and professionally developing our teaching staff in PE. This three-year programme is being held up as a model for other schools.  Over the three years we have tracked the progress and development of a sample group and the results, as captured at the end of last year, have been incredible.  Our thanks especially to Ebony, who led this project; Sha who was at the forefront of implementing it; and all of our staff that were deeply committed to the programme. Thanks also to Val, formerly of Netball Manawatu for her advice, guidance and planning.

Annual plans were also tabled last night.  These plans give rise to how the Board is enacting its strategic goals.  In particular the Board heard about the focus on the professional learning programme for teachers, which is focused on the curriculum area of maths this year. The Board will be investing over $40,000 worth of support and opportunity to support its goal of lifting achievement in maths for all learners.

We’re delighted to have the air-con up and running the hall and arts space.  Couldn’t have been a better summer to have it installed.  Thanks to Central Energy Trust for this!

Warm regards to you all,

Sports' News

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RSS Robins v Aokautere Rockets.
Everyone played well and fantastic goals from Clara and Keira!
Awesome game Robins!


Game 1 ... RSS Leopards v St James.
A very good 7 – 2 win for our team. 
Player of the game went to Liam for running like a mad-men all game!

Game 2 ... RSS Leopards v Takaro.
A very hard fought 2-all draw. 
Player of the game went to Jada for  scoring both tries!

Community News

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High School Old Boys Junior Rugby

The High School Old Boys Junior Rugby Club Committee wish to extend a very warm welcome to all players, parents and caregivers to our club for the 2015 Rugby season.

Registration Days: Sunday 15th March, 1pm-3pm, Cricket Pavilion, Ongley Park & 22nd March from 3pm-5pm, Ongley Park

The 22nd March is also our Open/Fun day, where we will have Turbos players assisting with Drills & Skills, games of ripper rugby, bouncy castle and a BBQ for all the family.

Club contact: Hamish Watson 06 359 2381 or 029 535 8780, email

Marist Junior Rugby

 Registration Day

Registrations for Junior Rugby will be taken at the Marist Clubrooms
on Pascal Street on the following dates and time.

  • Sunday 8th  March from 1.00pm - 4.00pm
  • Wednesday 11th  March from 6.00pm -8.00pm
  •  Saturday 14th March from 1.00pm - 4.00pm

$40.00 per player  - All New Players Welcome

All enquiries please contact Mark on 0275 538 007




Keeping Your Child Safe Online

posted 3 Mar 2015, 21:28 by James Rea   [ updated 3 Mar 2015, 21:36 ]

The Manawatu Principals Association are inviting all parents in our region to a workshop supporting parents to keep children safe online at home – please note that it’s FREE!

The attached flyer has all the information about the 
NETSAFE parent workshops to be held on 26 March @ Ross Intermediate from 5:30 - 7:30pm. NetSafe are New Zealand's leading provider of resources and advice on best practices in technology use in homes and schools.

This is highly recommended, please attend if you are available.  

Weetbix Triathlon-Entries Closing!!!

posted 3 Mar 2015, 17:20 by Ebony Maaka   [ updated 4 Mar 2015, 18:50 by Russell Street School Office ]

There has been some confusion with dates for when the school group entries close.

The closing date has been confirmed as this Friday 6th March. All entries need to be entered into the website by 9th March, Therefore your details are required with the school by Friday. I apologise for the confusion with this as a note from November last year had the 18th March as closing dates. I can confirm that individual entries close 19th March and you are welcome to take that option if it suits you best.

If you require more time for payment on this please contact me asap..., however,  the completed form still needs to be in by Friday for registration details to be entered with the school group.

Again, my apologies for the confusion. More information confirming your child's registration and other details that apply will be coming to you by the end of next week.

Please see for more information.

Science made us go "Wow"!

posted 3 Mar 2015, 01:02 by Joy Kitt

On Monday afternoon the whole school turned out to watch the “Science Guy” from Crazy Science It was a fast paced show that mixed science and magic – the ultimate combination!  It was a great opportunity for the children to bring their science learning to life as he touched on the ‘states of matter’ we covered last year. It was also a chance to just say “Wow” and “Oohh” a lot as bubbles billowed, fake pee turned solid, and the earth floated on air. If that sounds cool – ask your kids what else they saw! Thanks to the folks at home, this great event was funded through the activity fee. We also have to add a big THANK YOU to the Central Energy Trust, who made just over $11,000 (3/4 of the full value) available for us to put air-con in the arts space and hall....making it a really comfortable experience for all yesterday despite the 28C outside.

iPad Protection

posted 2 Mar 2015, 19:41 by James Rea

One of our families have a brand new, still in its box, iPad 2 sized Otter Box case/ protection system for sale. They have a smaller iPad mini and this larger case is not required. The Otter Box is one of the best on the market for protecting devices and the family are looking for $70. Email James or ring the office if you are interested in finding out more.

The Magic of Science

posted 2 Mar 2015, 16:06 by James Rea   [ updated 2 Mar 2015, 22:53 ]

On Monday March 2nd the children and staff were treated to a wonderful afternoon presentation of science through the medium of comedy and magic. Using the activity fee for events like this brings many of our previous learning experiences back to life and provides additional opportunities to engage in new authentic learning activities. This was our first chance to test out the new hall air conditioning system partly funded through a generous Central Energy Trust grant.  

The Magical Science Show. 

The science guy was a great magician of science and could do about 100 fantastic tricks. He was eating a small red ball and they kept coming out his mouth. I thought he might might spew. Benjamin was surprised when the last ball came out of his mouth is was a like big horn from a truck. It nearly broke his ears it was so loud.

Meila thought the experiment where he was blowing the balls up was the best. The science guy was blowing a ping pong ball up in the air with a powerful, windy hair dryer. The ball floated like superman. Jaylen’s favourite was when the science guy joined the two magic rings by slapping them together. He looked so surprised when it happened. Rebecca liked it when he quickly made a dog balloon. He tried to make a dog and it worked. 

Some of the other tricks and experiments were, paper rockets firing over the lights, using a blow drier to float two balls, blowing tissues and making a big honk and making humongous bubbles with string. They were so big an adult could probably fit in it. He showed us fire then flicked the fire in the air like a firework.

We felt surprised, happy and laughed so much during the show. It was awesome.  

Jaylen, Meila, Benjamin and Rebecca (Cre8ive Caterpillars) 

ICAS 2015

posted 26 Feb 2015, 19:46 by Suzanne Smith

Students in year 3-6 are invited to participate in the ICAS (International Competitions and Assessment for Schools) run by the University of NSW. This is an opportunity for our more able students to complete international referenced tests which are externally marked and analyzed. This allows our students to measure their own achievement in an external testing situation. This is not compulsory and each test has an associated cost to parents/ caregivers. If you would like your child to participate in one or more of the tests please complete the form (attached below, and available at the office.) Return the form, along with payment to the office by Friday 20th March.  If you have any questions, please contact Suzanne at

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