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Gifted and Talented Education: upcoming meeting for whanau

posted 27 Apr 2017, 01:59 by Suzanne Smith

Our next RSS Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Whanau meeting is coming up on Wednesday 3rd May at 6pm. We will meet in the Staffroom, and there will be a space available to bring your child(ren) with a quiet activity if needed.

Our school-wide focus for term 2 is about investigating through Science; culminating in a RSS Science Fair. Joy and I will be briefly presenting about the Manawatu Science and Technology Fair (MSTF) which may be an additional outcome for your child's learning.  We will be providing a brief overview of the scientific process, how to support your child(ren) with their investigation, and MSTF requirements. This is a valuable opportunity to ask questions and find out first hand how to support your child(ren) through this learning process.

GATE Parent Meetings are a great time to get together with other like minds and share ideas. If you would like to come along, or discuss giftedness further please contact Suzanne at

Under 9 Rugby Players Needed

posted 25 Apr 2017, 17:39 by Brenda Stephenson

Marist U9 rugby teams need a couple more players to top up their teams.  If you haven't managed to enrol in a winter sport and you'd like to have a go at tackle rugby call Kent on 0275 469 717 

This opportunity is open to both boys and girls who were 8 years old on the 1st of January 2017.  No tackling/rugby experience is necessary.  

Future Transport Competition

posted 17 Apr 2017, 19:11 by James Rea

Looking for a great holiday project to get creating? Have a look at this challenge from NZSTA and get a group of friends together to make your entry.

Community Newsletter Autumn 2017

posted 17 Apr 2017, 18:55 by Russell Street School Office

Music Lessons....

posted 12 Apr 2017, 15:07 by Russell Street School Office

Drum Lessons....

posted 12 Apr 2017, 15:01 by Russell Street School Office

Johnny here, I'm excited to be taking GROUP DRUM LESSONS on a Sunday at The Stomach.

Students will learn about the drum kit and its place within contemporary music. Topics include how to strike the drum with hands and feet, stick control, reading Music, Rudiments, how to build a Drumbeat, play Fill’s & create a basic Drum Solo.

No experience required. This course is designed for beginners aged 5-12 years. However, I do include adults too! 

Cost: $115 per Term

Where: Creative Sounds aka The Stomach

When: 12pm – 1pm Sunday

Group size is 4 & 30 minutes long per session

Secure your place in the Group Lesson by filling out the form at 

Staffing -term two

posted 9 Apr 2017, 18:24 by David Reardon   [ updated 9 Apr 2017, 21:23 ]

We are delighted to inform you all that Natalya Duindam will be joining us for term two, as one of the teaching team in rooms 12/13.  Natalya is well qualified and experienced and has been relieving in the school in term one. She is already well know to most children and has slotted into the staff with ease. Natalya has strengths in literacy, numeracy, science and technology -we welcome these!!!  Natalya will start on the first day of term.
Please also note that James Rea will be 'Acting Principal' for the second term and subsequent to this, Elly Warnock will be 'Acting Deputy Principal' and Nic Mason, 'Acting Assistant Principal. Ebony Maaka will also be taking on additional responsibility. It is great having such a leaderful staff and their collective leadership will see the school move forward, especially while the Principal appointment process is completed.

Learn French...

posted 6 Apr 2017, 20:03 by Russell Street School Office

Learn French during the holidays with our fun and interactive French School Holiday Programme for all children aged 5 to 15 years old. Cooking, arts, crafts, and lots more. For more information, call 06 560 0749 or email or visit

From the Principal....

posted 5 Apr 2017, 17:31 by Russell Street School Office

What a super term it has been!  Your children have been very engaged and settled in their learning and relationships -even better than before! This doesn't just happen by chance and we thank you all for working in partnership to ensure the focus is on learning.  Some of these things might sound simple but just getting your children to school on time, attending student led conferences, genuinely shown interest in what they may have been learning in the day or valuing the place of reading together ...all of these make a big difference. At the time of writing we have 232 scheduled conferences, which means we are yet to reach about 85. Please make early arrangements and book your 'student led conference' by Sunday.  (Visit school and put in booking code: zknkw) 

Last night's board meeting began with a student presentation around their ideas for naming each of our building blocks. I'm delighted there is some thought going into this as 'main block' isn't really that memorable or have any connection to our work, whereas 'Poutama' does have meaning.  Well done Jarred, Kate, Lydia, Hannah, and Libby and thank you for sharing your thoughts into naming of the blocks.  The board will be seeking more thoughts on your work now.

As part of Ministry requirements, the school has also had to review the makeup and operation of the enrolment scheme.  There has only been one small change in working (change from a reference to Aorangi Hospital to Aorangi Specialist Centre).  RSS keeps strictly to the regulations governing enrolment schemes and is likely to have a need for the scheme for many years to come!

The teaching staff have given thought to features that might be part of Room 6/7 remodelling later this year.  This is just initial scoping for the architect and is likely to be revised several times over, before final construction. You can view these ideas, and other reports tabled last night, on our website under 'Board of Trustees' (Current Reports).

A reminder that school ends at 12.30 on Monday, enabling us to get stuck into conferences. Also remember that school ends for the term, on Thursday, 13th at the normal time.  We hope you enjoy the holiday break with your children.


From the Office...

posted 5 Apr 2017, 17:24 by Russell Street School Office

Thank you to all parents and caregivers that phone in with absentees. We are aiming to shorten the time that it takes to make sure all children have been accounted for.  We have a 24 hour answerphone service.  If you email a teacher, please email the office as well just in case there is a reliever is in your child's classroom. Thank you

Reminder school will be closed at 12.30 on Monday 10th for Student Led Conferences.

Can anyone help deliver the School newsletter in the holidays, we need six people to deliver newsletter to homes in the school zone. Can you please let Ag or Rachelle know if you could help. Thank you.

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