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posted by David Reardon

Our community's commitment to being sunsmart is reflected in our policy and our sunsmart accreditation. We want children to have the skills and knowledge to protect themselves from the harsh impact of the sun. Our policy requires children to wear the official RSS sunhat as made available for purchase (this has a full brim, deep crown and has the RSS logo on it) during any periods outside.  It also makes available sunblock stations that children are reminded to use, especially if they do not have their own at school. We welcome children wearing rash vests at swimming time and actively discourage the wearing of singlets (only) or spaghetti strap tops. These are only part of the full sunsmart policy.  You can view the full policy by clicking here or viewing it under 'Policies and Procedures' on our website. Thank you all for your partnership in this.

From the Principal......

posted 10 Feb 2016, 15:18 by Russell Street School Office   [ updated 10 Feb 2016, 15:20 ]

The year has started tremendously well and there is a really positive vibe throughout the school and indeed community. This is a great place to bring up your children!  I am proud to be part of a very committed, talented and well qualified staff.  Each of them bring a commitment to providing the best environment and opportunities for students to flourish. This year's team:


Room 1 Carolyn Dodd, B. Ed., Dip Tchg.

Room 2 Nicole Wilde-Wilson, B. Ed, Dip. Tchg.

Room 3 Robin Baker, B. A., TTC, Reading Recovery Trained and Sandi Baldwin, B.A., Dip. Tchg.

Room 4 Fiona Hunter, B.Tchg.

Room 5 Kelly Campbell, B. Tchg

Room 6 Brenda Stephenson, B Ed (Primary Teaching)

Room 7 Joy Kitt, B.A., Grad Dip. Tchg., ACET, Reading Recovery Trained

Room 8 Kerri Satherley, B.Sci, Grad Dip Tchg, Reading Recovery (training 2016)

Mel Hagan, B.Ed, Dip Tchg, ACET, Associate Principal

Room 9 Ebony Maaka, B. Ed (tchg), Reading Recovery Trained  Team Leader

Room 10 Stephen Baker, B. A., Grad Dip. Tchg., ACET

Room 11 Rosie Parker, B Tchg & Lng, Post Grad Maori Ed

Poutama (12) Elly Warnock, B. Tchg., B.Science, Assistant Principal

Poutama (13) Nic Mason, B.Ed., Dip Tchg, Team Leader

Poutama (14) Troy Duckworth, B.Ed (Tchg)

Part Time Teaching

Music Teacher      Jenny Boyack, B.A, Dip Tchg, M.Ed, PhD and ATCL

ESOL Teacher        Sandi Baldwin, B.A, Dip. Tchg.

Gifted/Talented Suzanne Smith, B.Ed Special Ed, Dip. Tchg.

Leadership Release Suzanne Smith, B.Ed, Dip. Tchg.

      Bridget Higson, B Ed (tchg)

  Georgina Parker, B.Tchg. Dip Tchg, Post Grad Spec Needs

PRT Release    none

Sports Coordinator: Shaleena Durston, Dip Sport and Rec


Principal               David Reardon, B. Ed, Dip. Tchg

Deputy Principal   James Rea B.Ed, Dip. Tchg

Assistant Principal Elly Warnock, B. Tchg., B.Science

Associate PrincipalMel Hagan, B.Ed, Dip. Tchg, ACET

Office Manager   Agnes Allen

Office Assistant   Rachelle Adrian

Support Staff:

Teacher Aides         Lorraine Keefe (Teacher Aide Cert) Rachelle Adrian, Sandy Watson (Teacher Aide Cert), Charlotte Whitta, Debbie Bary (Teacher Aide Cert),Marj Fox,Tracey Davidson

ICT Tech Assistant  Jeremy Phillips       

Chaplain                  this voluntary position unfilled

Librarian Rebecca Meade B. Ed, Dip. Tchg.

Library Assistant     Jean Wilkinson

Property Manager Ivan Mills

Cleaners                  Kapil Regmi, Caroline Jordan

From the Office.....

posted 10 Feb 2016, 15:10 by Russell Street School Office


If your child is sick or unable to attend school for all or part of the day, please phone the school office by 9.00 a.m. so that your child’s absence can be accounted for.  This is most important to alleviate any concerns about your child’s whereabouts.  If no communication has been received from parents then a member of the office staff will contact you by telephone.


If an absence is planned for a special reason, a note or telephone call to the school in advance is appreciated.  In cases of prolonged absence, prior warning can enable work to be set or the dates of special class events changed.


Community News......

posted 10 Feb 2016, 15:01 by Russell Street School Office   [ updated 10 Feb 2016, 15:02 ]

Sports News ..........

posted 10 Feb 2016, 14:54 by Russell Street School Office

Welcome back to another year at Russell Street School. We are sure that 2016 is bound to be packed full of amazing sporting moments for our students. Out of school sports is about to start again with a list of start dates below. You should be hearing from your Coaches or Managers soon.

This term, sports codes from Term Four will continue on with the exception of Soccer and Flipperball. We are now taking registrations for Badminton, which starts back up for Year 5/6 only, a notice went out about this in Week One. There are more at the office if you need them.

Please mark the following start up dates:

Summer Hockey:      Tuesday 16th February Yr 1-4, Wednesday 17th February Yr 5-6

Touch Rugby:        Friday 19th February

Teeball:        Saturday 20th February

Badminton:        Thursday 25th February

Cricket:        Tuesday 16th February

The Crankit ‘I Tri’d the Tri’ Triathlon series are starting on Monday 15th February at Skoglund Park. The events start at 5.20pm, with each of the 9 age groups (4-12 year) starting in 10 minute intervals. There are 5 events in the series that run every Monday, with the 14th March being the last one in the series. Each event costs $5 or $20 to do all 5. More information can be found at

In addition, the Weetbix Kids TRYathlon is open for registrations. It is on Thursday 24th March at Ongley Park. If you register before Wednesday 24th February the Early Bird Price is $35. You can enter individually or in a team. Check out for more information.

We appreciate that things can change over the break so please get in touch with us if you have any queries or concerns via

Kind Regards,

The Sports Team

Sha and Troy

Annual Permission for Trips

posted 9 Feb 2016, 15:51 by David Reardon   [ updated 9 Feb 2016, 15:51 ]

Coming home on Thursday is a paper copy of the letter linked here. This letter outlines the current policy (same as last year) whereby we are seeking annual permission for your child/ren to travel/participate in all low risk school trips for the full school year, thereby not  having to get permission slips for each individual event.  This worked well last year and cut down an incredible amount of admin time for teachers and stress for parents.  
Right now, parents of year 5/6 are also filling out permission and health information forms for their upcoming camp.  This is an example of where we will always seek separate permission.

From the Principal........

posted 3 Feb 2016, 15:42 by Russell Street School Office

Welcome back and a special welcome to all of the new families that have joined us this week. Our powhiri earlier this week was a memorable occasion, with a large group welcomed into our school for the first time. We look forward to developing a positive relationship with you all in support of your child's learning and development. We also welcome to our staff, Brenda Stephenson (teacher, room 6) and Mel Hagan (Associate Principal and Co-teacher, Room 8).

In the lead up to the new term, staff have engaged in a lot of planning and preparation, as well as participate in further professional learning in maths and swimming. The team are very excited with the year's outline!

The Board of Trustees met briefly for the first time last night. Tabled were reports on student achievement in the key competencies, national standards in maths, reading and writing, and a professional development review.  It was also a time for scoping the year, setting and confirming priorities and making arrangements for further review. Please note this year is a Board of Trustees election year -information will be distributed about this later in the term, but in essence we will be carrying out the full process of electing a group of parent elected trustees (along with a  staff rep).  Now is a good time to consider your position or indeed to shoulder tap someone that you think would take this governance role on successfully.

The start of a new year when it is mostly sunny and warm, is a good time to remind parents and caregivers of the importance of parking legally and managing and vehicle movement with care, especially in the front of school and in Tyndall Street.  This requires a full community effort, looking out for and considering the needs of all of our children together.  Last year, we got this right almost all of the time, making sure there was no parking on yellow lines, no temporary double parking and no use of private driveways including Willard Home. Thank you for your continued cooperation on this important safety and courtesy matter.

A reminder too that our sun safety policy identifies the need for all children to wear the official RSS, wide brimmed, Cancer Society approved sunhat.  You can purchase these directly from the office if your child does not currently have one. 

The first week back has been invigorating.  I look forward to meeting up with you all sometime soon.

Warm regards,

Supporters' Club........

posted 3 Feb 2016, 15:30 by Russell Street School Office

Our first meeting will be held February 16th at 7.30pm.  If you are interested in finding out what we do, or if you have any fundraising ideas please come along.
We will be taking nominations for the Chairpersons position and we are also needing to fill the secretaries position by the end of the year.


posted 3 Feb 2016, 15:21 by Russell Street School Office

Please take care when dropping off or picking up your child, or children from the Tyndall St entrance.  We have a complaint from a concerned resident of Tyndall St.
Thank you

Music Lessons.......

posted 3 Feb 2016, 15:13 by Russell Street School Office

♪♫ MUSIC LESSONS at Russell Street School ♪♫

Soundworks is offering Piano, Drums, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar and Ukulele lessons at your school during school time.

Enrolment forms are at the school office or contact:

Liz: 027 3385 491 or Ben: 357 9363

Or email: for more information.


We also offer a wide variety of instruments after school and Saturdays at our teaching studios on the corner of Fitzherbert Avenue and College Street


🎼 Hear From You Soon! 

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