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Invite to Attend Charter Workshop

posted by David Reardon   [ updated ]

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

We’re engaging in further important work as we rebuild our school charter and we invite you to get involved.

In term four of last year, parents took the opportunity to complete ‘School effectiveness surveys’ focusing on the current position i.e. how well we are doing.  We also invited parents to join us for ‘charter chats’ discussing and sharing their vision for the future of learning.  All of this information was valued and welcomed.

We now turn our attention to building a new school charter, an important role undertaken by the Board.  The Education Act (1989) requires every school to complete a charter, the purpose of which is to establish the mission, aims, objectives, directions and targets of the board that will give effect to the Government's’ National Education Guidelines and the Board’s priorities.  Once it is in place it is instrumental in setting teaching and learning programmes and guiding the activities of any school, including those for curriculum, National Standards, assessment and staff professional development.

We have arranged an open CHARTER WORKSHOP at which time we will examine, discuss and begin prioritising plans/activities for the next 3-5 years.  This workshop is open to all, with specific invites to Supporters’ Club Members, Staff and Board.  The date and time of this workshop is Wednesday, March 8, from 5.45 -8.00 with a light dinner included. You can expect to have a brief homework (preparation) activity and be involved in group discussion/tasks that assist with the development of our charter for the period 2017-2020 on the night. You are very welcome to join us.  To assist with planning we must know if you will be joining us -simply email or advise the office and we will add you to the list.

Last time we had over 40 parents and staff -let’s see if we can exceed this on March 8.

If you wish to see the scope of the current charter you can visit our school website, navigate to ‘Board of Trustees/annual report’ and scroll down to choose 14 (Full Charter and Plans).  It is very exciting to see what we have managed to achieve in the last charter period.

We look forward to a really interesting, engaging workshop together.

Warm regards,

David Reardon Andrew Jamieson Cindy Irvine

Principal         Co-Board Chair Co-Board Chair

From the Board...

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Talent Search...

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From the Supporters' Club...

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* Finance Report for 2016 submitted by Rachelle (current balance $6815.28)
* Hot X Buns sales locked in for March (order in to supplier by 28 March / buns go home 4 April)
* SKIPATHON!  We are going to discuss with Troy about running this awesome event in April to coincide with the school cross country (PRE-TRAINING!!)
* Pies to be booked in with supplier (follow up with Debbie) see if we can do in cooler months
* School Production set down for September 2017
* Possible Winter Themed Disco in June 2017
* Signed off the purchase of kitchen play equipment for Ebony's class including wooden kitchen, train set and hot plate
* School Charter Workshop 8 March - more information to come

Next Meeting: 21 March 7.30pm (this will also be our AGM) / Following Meeting: 11 April 7.30pm

If you would like to come along to one of our meetings please feel free to drop in or email back to this address for more information.

Kindest Regards
Chairperson - Supporters Club (PTA)

Community Sports....

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 A Massive WELCOME to all NEW and RETURNING, Junior Rugby Players for the up and coming 2017 Rugby Season.


I look forward to the season ahead and meeting all the new faces to our club, as well as catching up with many returning ones!



Please head to to register!

 2017 FEES



$100 x3+ SIBLINGS

Payable by Direct Credit, Cheque or Cash

Please don't hesitate to contact me on the details listed below at any time.

 Koera Tua or 021 025 10522


"WHO ARE WE.... C.O.B!!"



posted 21 Feb 2017, 11:23 by Mel Hagan

Exciting news!  Morning Maths Busters is coming to RSS!!!  On a Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8:30-8:55 you can come along to The Room of Requirement (10) to have fun with maths. Everyone is welcome - come along with your young learners. We are looking forward to seeing you there.  Tea and coffee will be available. Any questions touch base with Mel, James, Tory or Samantha.  

Yummy Fruit Stickers

posted 19 Feb 2017, 13:37 by Troy Duckworth   [ updated 19 Feb 2017, 13:40 ]

Your child should have brought home a Yummy Fruit Sticker chart. Collecting these stickers is a fun task for the family and we get free sports gear from the Yummy Fruit Co for doing it. Once it is full, send it back to school with your child and see Troy for another one. Last year we collected nearly 3,000 stickers and got $270 worth of free sports gear. We would love your help.


posted 16 Feb 2017, 17:32 by Russell Street School Office


posted 16 Feb 2017, 15:02 by David Reardon   [ updated 16 Feb 2017, 15:08 ]

We have just been advised this morning that, weather permitting, all of Russell Street will be re-sealed during the coming week. i.e. starting Monday! This is likely to have a significant impact on us all and especially students at the end of the school day. The last sealing that went on, resulted in a car accident right out the front of the school!

To help keep children safe and to avoid any accidents, we ask that:

● Parents use cars only if necessary (perhaps it could be a ‘walking week’?)



NO PARKING IN THE SCHOOL BLOCK AT ALL (There will be no marked parking)

At the time of writing, we understand that the road patrol will still be working. The side streets will be the best and only places to park, drop off, and pickup, and it is likely that for all of you that this will be further away than normal. Please note we will be carrying out additional supervision, as well as monitoring of the situation.

At the best of times, traffic can be challenging out the front of the school. We need everyone’s cooperation and support please, to make sure we get through the week without incident.

Best regards,


Click here for link to 'Notice of Roadworks' from Higgins.  You should read this too!

From the Principal.......

posted 15 Feb 2017, 14:38 by Russell Street School Office

Last week we sent home newsletters about the upcoming Marae Experiences for all children at Russell Street.  I wish to confirm the costs, which are dependent on the year level of your child/ren:

Students in year 4-6 will experience a full day visit and an overnight stay.  The cost of this is $25.  Please note if you have already paid the activity fee of $10 for term one, then you need only pay another $15.

Students in years 1-3 will be having a day experience and the cost of this is $10.  Please note, if you have already paid the activity fee of $10 for term one, then you do not need to pay anything further.

We are looking forward this learning opportunity.

I'd like to give you a snapshot into some of the recent board work:

At the end of last year, the board of trustees went through the national standards data for the whole school.  The full outline is available here, with a commentary or report, also linked here.  We are proud of the results that have been achieved in reading, writing and maths, but also recognise that there is further work to be done, and especially in ensuring that all students make good progress in their learning. As a result of this, the board have set targets for the next calendar year, seeking further improvement.

There are several property projects either underway or about to be initiated. We are making some headway with the front entrance and think it will be much more functional as well as beautiful.  Tenders for a full school repaint are near closing, and we are just about to engage with our Project Manager around field drainage, a refurb of the senior toilets and remodelling of R6/7.  In the case of the latter, there will be a significant planning period.

Andrew Jamieson and Cindy Irvine were re-elected as Co-Chairpersons (Is that a word? Co-Chairs?) and the final and very exciting 'Innovation Fund' milestone report on Poutama was also tabled.

We are very grateful to Pub Charity.  This donation, along with a generous Supporters' Club contribution and some board funding, enable us to purchase and install a new audio and media system in the hall.  Thank you to everyone who supported the fundraising efforts last year -we can't wait for assemblies to begin proper in term two.

Best regards to you all

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