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Voices of common and not so common folk

This is the working title for my latest collection of short stories. For the moment here is a list of their titles.

Austerities dawn
Set in Athens is is a story of a city and a nation in the grip of economic crisis.

A morning by the river
In the process of recovering from a major trauma, the narrator reflects on his healing and on the official and unofficial versions of the events that caused his pain. 

A Twitter conversation on the eve of an execution
An experimental story using the medium of Twitter to give immediacy to a hotly contested subject, the impending executions of Myuran Sukamaran and Andrew Chan.  It explores two different world views of crime and punishment.
Bound for Timor L'Este
A tale of encounters with a place hitherto imagined and fast becoming pressingly real.

Dreaming in aqua
Birth, life and death with thanks to Karl Jung

Helen's torment
A brilliant woman with a remarkable career not forgotten, lost in uncertainty and unseen voices from the past and some from times and places imagined that reshape recollections

Iniquity shall abound
A story of children struggling for meaning in a world of displacement, asylum seeking, rejection and mortal

Memories of fires past
An exploration of fire across species and time.

Michael's reverie
A chance meeting, 

One man's strategy for surviving the Greek economic crisis

Sergeant's progress
A story of gambling, deception and political success

Spices and conversation
Racism unpacked.

The Sting
The dynamics of an elaborate yet transparent confidence trick.