The Technology Jungle ~ A Place of Adventure




The theme of our Tech Lab program is "The Technology Jungle -- a Place of Adventure." We hope our "explorers" enjoy the fun of becoming successful learners.

~Sheila Keen
For a partial listing of website resources used in our lab, please see the "Learning Websites" link under "Quick Links" on the left sidebar of this page.

Lebanon Primary has a Schoolwide Title I Program. All students in our school have access to our well-equipped lab, which houses 24 networked computers. As the Title I / Tech Lab teacher, I work with the classroom teachers to coordinate lab instruction with classroom instruction. Our program primarily targets Language Arts and Math; however, all academic subjects are addressed. In addition to the classroom SOLs, lab instruction targets the Technology SOLs for the state of Virginia, which are listed on the following website.

The goal in our lab is to equip every student to use technology to enhance the learning process in all subject areas so each student becomes a competent, responsible user of technology in daily life. 

The success of our lab is dependent on the support of wonderful people who provide the programs and resources—the Russell County Public School System and business leaders who provide grant monies through the Russell County Business/Schools Partnership grants. 

Our success is also contingent on the excellent work of our Russell County Public Schools Instructional Technology Staff that does an outstanding job in providing extensive resources and training.