Goals and Objectives

Lebanon Elementary School

SOL Testing

Goal: Improve English/Math performance for students in all groups so that all students and sub groups will meet annual requirements and be fully accredited.


1. Professional development with instructional alignment school-wide.

2. All students will be tested in English/Math.

3. Lebanon Elementary will achieve between a 81-86% pass rate in Reading and an 80-85% pass rate in Math.

4. All Special Education students/Title I students will achieve between a 71-75%.

5. Evaluate test data and target low areas using PowerSchool.

6. Provide tutoring before and after school through the 21st CCLC program, PALS, and our Intervention program.

7. Utilize the Region 7 Comprehensive Instructional Plan for pacing, lesson plans, and additional resources of core subject areas.

Public Relations and Community Involvement

Goal: Enhance communication, interaction, and collaboration between Lebanon Elementary School and parents.


1. Maintain up to date school web pages.

2. Utilize social media such as Facebook and Twitter to inform parents of items of interest for Lebanon Elementary.

3. The Parental Advisory Council meets at least two times a year.

4. Encourage parents to attend Open House in the fall.

5. Activate telephone call system for school information/events.

Lebanon Elementary Attendance

Goal: ADA will be met yearly.

1. Attendance rate for Lebanon Elementary will be 93%.

2. Incentives will be provided to help encourage students to attend school such as:  

Gift cards, school dances, and extra computer time.

Security and Safety

Goal: Lebanon Elementary will provide a safe and secure environment.


1. Follow Lebanon Elementary School Crisis Response Plan.

2. Conduct announced and unannounced drills including, fire, lock down, tornado, etc.

3. Enforce that all visitors and non-employees enter the building through main entrance and report to the office.

4. All staff members will display ID badges.

5. Invite SRO and local law enforcement officers to school for drills and events.

6. All doors should be locked and have one master key. A security camera is in place at main door.

7. The security system has been updated to include interior and exterior surveillance cameras.

Teacher Observation

Goal: All teachers at Lebanon Elementary School will be observed.


1. All teachers will be observed/evaluated according to the Russell County Public Schools evaluation guidelines.

2. The Principal/Assistant Principal will arrange a meeting to provide feedback of the observation.

3. All observations will be sent to superintendent at the Central Office for additional feedback/evaluation.