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Aleks website requires two things for it to work for the student:
1. Java must be running in 32 bit mode
2. Safari or Firefox must be running in 32 mode.

These are both per user - so the student will need to do this on the  Mac computers they are using.

Changing Java to run in 32 bit mode by default on Mac OS X 10.6.8 

1. On the Go menu - open utilities - ( keyboard shortcut is shift - command - U )

Java Prefs

2. Open Java Preferences - notice that there are two versions of Java shown:

3. Drag the 32 bit Java to the top of the list so it displays at the top of the list:

4 . Close window to save settings.

Next - Safari or Firefox needs to be opened to run in 32 bit mode - again 64 bit is the default.

1. Open Applications and Find Safari Icon

2. Hold down the Control Key (or Right Click) on the Safari icon and select Get Info

Get Info

3. Place a check mark where it says - Open in 32 bit mode
open in 32 bit mode

4. Close Get Info Window

5. Open Safari and go to Aleks website.