Video Conferencing - Getting Started

Video Conferencing is a great way to expand learning and experiences for your classroom by setting up virtual field trips. Watch this short video to get a better idea of the opportunities that video conferencing offers.

ECMECC has established a “content dollar bank” to fund (or supplement) the cost of a small number of video conference events in classrooms in EMCECC member districts. Each district will have access to a limited amount of funding based on the size of the teaching staff and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
So how do you get started? Start by joining CILC - the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration. They have over twelve-hundred video conferences listed from a variety of different providers. Note that this is just one place to find Content - there are many "free" ones as well on other sites that I will list later.
To Join CILC go to and click on the Join Now! link on the upper right of the page.

Once you have filled out the form and hit submit you will receive an email from CILC letting you know your account was created and that you can now log in.

Under the Search a Category section of the website - click on Content Provider Programs (looks like an icon of Saturn) and then in the Search Keyword box enter in the topic you are looking for - in the example below I typed in WWI and got three programs returned as a result. Experiment with different keywords having to do with your subject.
You will also notice that it will list the grades the content is geared towards under Audience - in the example below WWI - The Forgotten War is geared towards grades 6,7 and 8.

Once you have decided on a program - select it by clicking its link and then selecting the Request this Program Now link (make sure you take the time to scroll through all the information again to make sure it fits your grade level, class size, time requirement etc).

Next you will fill out another form - be sure to pick ECMECC under the Requesting Organization.

Once you have finished the form - click on Next Step to continue. Towards the bottom of this next page you will have to first select Internet 2 in the Technology to be used for this connection selection box and then finally hit the Forward for Pin Authorization button. Print out the resulting page for your records.

Next - please send an email to both myself ( and Jon Larson ( to let us both know of your planned event so we know in case of any scheduling conflicts with the tandberg.

Last but not least - also go to the ECMECC site and fill out the form there - again so Jon knows and can approve the cost.

There are some free Video events available at other providers - like NASA and the National Park Service to name just a couple - if you want help with setting these up again please contact Jim or Jon for help. In most cases you will have to contact the provider directly instead of going through the CILC site and working out the details with them - but the scheduling piece still needs to be made known to Jon and Myself so there aren't any conflicts with the use of the Tandgerg.