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  • Convert text to all CAPS and more in Google Docs

    Convert text to all CAPS and more in Google Docs

    Posted: 28 Mar 2017 04:59 PM PDT

    Capitalizing a large portion of text or an especially long title can be a pain. Doing the opposite—converting capital letters to lowercase—is equally a waste of time. With this launch, we’re making those tasks quick and easy in Google Docs on the web.

    Starting today, simply choose “Capitalization” from the Format menu in Docs, and select one of the following:

    • lowercase, to make all the letters in your selection lowercase.
    • UPPERCASE, to capitalize all the letters in your selection.
    • Title Case, to capitalize the first letter of each word in your selection.

    It’s that easy. Like other recent launches in Docs, this feature allows you to spend less time formatting and more time on the things that matter, like strategizing, collaborating, and developing new ideas.
    Posted Mar 29, 2017, 5:35 AM by James Hatz
  • Improving video file attachments in Gmail with video streaming

    Improving video file attachments in Gmail with video streaming

    Posted: 16 Mar 2017 12:26 PM PDT

    Today, we’re rolling out a quality of life improvement to Gmail desktop users that makes previewing video attachments in Gmail much smoother and quicker. Previously, in order to view a video attachment in Gmail, you would have to download it to your computer and open it with a media player. Starting today, when opening an email with video attachments, you will see a thumbnail of the video and have the ability to stream it, right from inside Gmail. 

    This feature uses the same Google infrastructure that powers YouTube, Google Drive, and other video streaming apps, so video is delivered at optimal quality and availability. If you have apps that would also benefit from integrating video streaming, check out Google Cloud Platform Media Solutions.

    Launch Details
    Release track
    Launching to both Rapid release and Scheduled release

    Available to all G Suite editions

    Rollout pace: 
    Gradual rollout (up to 15 days for feature visibility)
    Posted Mar 17, 2017, 7:51 AM by James Hatz
  • Rotated Text and more for Google Sheets

    Support for rotated text, accounting number formats, and more in Google Sheets

    Posted: 22 Feb 2017 01:18 PM PST

    We’re working hard to ensure that Google Sheets meets your business needs. As part of that effort, today we’re introducing several enterprise-friendly features that you’ve been asking for in Sheets on the web, Android, and iOS:

    Rotated text
    You can now rotate the text in a cell in Sheets (Format > Text rotation). This is especially useful when you need to fit long header names into thin columns, or when you simply want to fit more text on a single screen.

    Accounting number formats
    We’re making it easier to read your budgets, expense reports, and other spreadsheets containing monetary amounts by aligning the currency symbols within them (Format > Number > Accounting). We’re also making improvements to the way numbers, decimal points, and repeated characters line up to make them simpler to scan and analyze.

    More border styles
    You can now choose from several new border styles in Sheets, including various thicknesses and double borders, which are commonly used in financial statements like balance sheets (Toolbar > Borders > Border styles).

    Additional improvements on mobile
    In addition to the features described above, we’re also launching the following improvements to our mobile apps:
    • Support for using a mouse with the Sheets Android app
    • Ability to view and select existing custom colors in the Sheets Android app
    • Ability to drag and drop rows and columns in the Sheets Android and iOS apps
    • Formatting suggestions in Explore in the Sheets iOS app

    For more details, check out the Help Center articles below.

    Launch Details
    Release track:
    Launching to both Rapid release and Scheduled release

    • All mobile features
    • Additional border styles on the web

    Launching to Rapid release, with Scheduled release coming on March 6, 2017

    • Rotated text on the web
    • Accounting number formats on the web

    Available to all G Suite editions

    Rollout pace:
    Gradual rollout (potentially longer than 3 days for feature visibility)

    All end users
    Posted Feb 23, 2017, 5:36 AM by James Hatz
  • New feature to Google Sheets

    Link to cell ranges in Google Sheets

    Posted: 13 Feb 2017 12:11 PM PST

    Because it can be difficult to navigate large and complex spreadsheets, we’re introducing the ability to link to specific cell ranges in Google Sheets on the web.

    With this new functionality, you can create a “table of contents” for your spreadsheet, direct others to specific content within your spreadsheet, and retain links to cells when you import spreadsheets from other applications.

    To link to cells in your spreadsheet, simply go to "Insert link" > "Select a range of cells to link" and type or highlight the desired range. For more details, visit the Help Center.

    Launch Details
    Release track:
    Launching to Rapid release, with Scheduled release coming on February 21st, 2017
    Posted Feb 14, 2017, 5:44 AM by James Hatz
  • Insert videos from Google Drive in Google Slides

    Starting today, you can insert and play your Google Drive videos in Google Slides, in addition to videos from YouTube.

    Once you’ve added a Drive video to your presentation, you can choose when to start and end it, whether it should autoplay when presenting, and whether it should be muted or play with audio. Simply right-click on the video and select Video options.

    If a person viewing your presentation doesn’t have permission to view a video embedded within it, they’ll be prompted to request access.

    Note that while you can play Drive videos in Slides on the web and mobile, you can only insert them from the web application. For more details, visit the Help Center.

    Posted Feb 10, 2017, 8:15 AM by James Hatz
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