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  • Video Conferencing Issues on Chromebooks
    There is an issue with Chrome OS version 85 that effects virtual meetings like Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

    • Google has confirmed that OS Version 85 enabled security mitigation patches that caused an approximate 30% increase in CPU utilization causing Virtual Meeting issues.
    • Resolution:  Google will roll back the security mitigation patches within OS 85. This update will be pushed to users
    • Resolution Timeline:  
      • OS Build:  Due EOD Friday, 9/25
      • Testing:  9/25 thru 9/28
      • Phased Rollout:  Starting Monday, 9/28
      • 100% roll out anticipated by Mid-week or 10/1.

    Posted Sep 25, 2020, 8:04 AM by James Hatz
  • Easily add and manage citations in Google Docs

    Easily add and manage citations in Google Docs

    Posted: 23 Sep 2020 06:29 AM PDT

    Quick launch summary 

    We’re launching a new feature to help you add, manage, and format academic citations in Google Docs. This will make writing academic papers easier since you won’t have to use add-ons, or copy citations from other tools. 

    Using this feature, you can easily insert in-text citations and create a bibliography in the MLA, APA, or Chicago (author-date) styles. Sources types supported include books, book sections, websites, journal articles and newspaper articles. 

    Citations tool in Google Docs 

    Getting started 

    Rollout pace 


    • Available to all G Suite customers 


    Posted Sep 24, 2020, 5:19 AM by James Hatz
  • Google Docs line spacing will now adjust based on font

    Google Docs line spacing will now adjust based on font

    Posted: 08 Sep 2020 11:24 AM PDT

    Quick launch summary 

    We will now adjust line spacing in Google Docs based on the font used. Previously, line spacing was based only on the font size and line spacing you chose. Now, the font you choose will also be a factor in the spacing. 

    This will increase consistency in document length between Google Docs and other word processing programs, and help make sure converted Microsoft Word documents retain a similar length. It will be particularly useful for education and enterprise users, who may have documents with specific length requirements based on specific formatting combinations. 
    Line spacing will adjust based on the font used 

    Getting started 

    • Admins: There is no admin control for this feature. 
    • End users: This feature will be ON by default for new documents only. Existing documents will not be affected. Use our Help Center to learn more about formatting in Google Docs

    Rollout pace 


    • Available to all G Suite customers and users with personal accounts. 


    Posted Sep 9, 2020, 5:32 AM by James Hatz
  • Expanding shortcuts in Google Drive, reducing unorganized files

    Expanding shortcuts in Google Drive, reducing unorganized files

    Posted: 26 Aug 2020 09:06 AM PDT

    What’s changing 

    Earlier this year, we made shortcuts in Google Drive generally available. Shortcuts simplified file and folder structures in Drive by creating pointers to items, rather than having items which existed in multiple locations. This helps ensure easy access to files and folders for different users while reducing possible confusion about how files are owned, managed, and updated. 

    Now, we want to share three updates to our plans for shortcuts and file locations: 
    • Expanding use of shortcuts: Removing some specific actions which still created multiple locations for files. 
    • A migration update: More details on migration of existing multiple-location files to shortcuts. 
    • Improving file management and reducing “unorganized” files: Ensuring files which have their last location removed are now placed in the owner’s My Drive folder. See more details below. 

    Who’s impacted 

    Admins and end users 

    Why it’s important 

    Expanding the use of shortcuts will increase the consistency of behavior and make it easier for users to understand how their Drive is structured. 

    Additional details 

    Expanding use of shortcuts 

    After launching shortcuts, there were still some ways for users to add files to multiple locations. We’re now stopping some of those to create a more consistent experience across different platforms and ways of using Drive. Specific changes include: 
    • When using Drive on the web, the keyboard shortcut Shift+Z on a shared file used to place the file in multiple locations. Now, when a single file or multiple items are selected, Shift+Z will create a shortcut instead. However, if a single folder is selected, Shift-Z will still add another location for the folder to ensure continued compatibility with offline access via Backup and Sync
    • When using Drive on the web, making someone else the owner of a file used to create multiple locations for the file. Now, if the new owner can see the file’s existing location, it will remain there. If the new owner can’t see the existing location, it will be moved from its current location to the My Drive folder of the new owner, and a shortcut will be created in its place 

    A migration update 

    In our original announcement, we mentioned that we would be migrating existing files in multiple locations to shortcuts. We’d like to share more details on these plans: 
    • We will start this migration some time in 2021. We’ll announce the migration on the G Suite Updates blog and with an in-product notification banner at least 2 weeks before it starts. 
    • The migration will remove all but one location of files that currently are in multiple locations, and will replace the removed files with shortcuts. 
    • The migration heuristics will be based primarily on original ownership, but will also take signals about access and activity on other parent folders into account, to ensure the least possible disruption for collaboration.  
    • File access and ownership will not be impacted. 
    • The migration will be automatic and won’t require manual work from users or admins. 

    Improving file management and reducing “unorganized” files 

    A file can become unorganized when its last previous location is removed. For example, this could happen if you had added a file to a shared folder that was later deleted by the owner of the shared folder. 

    Previously, in those situations you would only have been able to find the file by specifically searching for it, not by browsing for it. This led to some instances where it appeared a file was lost. Now, we will add these items to the owner’s My Drive. This change will make it easier to locate files which have had their locations removed
    Posted Aug 31, 2020, 6:14 AM by James Hatz
  • NEW! - Google Assignments
    Google Assignments -new feature added in Google Apps and linked in Schoology. 
    Teachers can read more about this here:
    Posted Aug 21, 2020, 9:07 AM by James Hatz
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