Contact Info:

Mrs. Brooke VandeKamp

2nd Grade Teacher

CE Jacobson Elementary

95 South Harte Ave

Rush City, MN 55069

Phone: 320-358-4724


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Welcome to 2nd Grade. 

I am Mrs. VandeKamp

I was born and raised here in Rush City and I’m going on my 10th year teaching at Jacobson Elementary!

I am married to my husband Jaryd and we have  2 children,  Ava (4 1/2 ) and Jax (20m). You can see them on the left.  They are my everything and I adore them. 

I love playing sports and I’m always looking for ways to stay active.  I help out with fall and winter sports and  In the spring I coach JV fast pitch softball. I also play softball in the summer time too.

I love teaching 2nd graders! Each day is a new adventure and each day brings on new challenges. It's my goal to give each child I work with the education they need as an individual student. Showing them that I truly care about each student and the education they deserve is my top priority. 

Mrs. VandeKamp

To make a difference in someone's life, you don't have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care.

                                -Author unknown