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Mrs. Susan Karvonen
CE Jacobson Elementary 
6th Grade Teacher
95 South Harte Ave.
Rush City, MN  55069
Phone: 320.358.4724
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Scholastic Book orders may be made on line at using the class code, THDY3.

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

We’re off to a great start to the 18 - 19 school year.  I am excited to be teaching sixth grade literacy again this year.  I suspect that your child has been coming home and referring to the fact that they have been working on building reading and writing stamina in our class.  Just like any sport or hobby, we do not get better at something unless we practice it.  We are practicing our reading and writing stamina in school by reading and writing for as long as we can without “breaking” stamina.  Our class goal is to achieve 30 minutes of active reading time and 15 minutes of active writing time.  While students are working on their stamina, I will be working with small groups and individuals on their literacy skills.   

We will be identifying, reflecting on, and implementing the elements of literature.  The elements of literature include, but are not limited to, main idea, cause and effect, inferences, author’s purpose, sequencing of events, etc.. Discussions at home can help cement these concepts.  

As I said, we will be doing a significant amount of reading.  Research has shown that when kids choose what to read, they read more!  My bookshelves at school are full, we have a well-stocked school library, and our public library can get almost any book kids show an interest in.  That being said, despite our best efforts at making every book imaginable available to students, they still struggle sometimes with finding that just right book.  It is my goal to help your child find books that make them excited to read - and for that, I need your help.  Encourage your child to explore their passions with books, instead of online.  Bring them to the Rush City Public Library and get to know our wonderful librarian, Donna Larson, take a look at the Scholastic Book orders that come home every month.  Not only are the books affordable, but classroom orders earn points that help me keep fresh, new literature on the shelves.  I would also be thrilled with donations and garage sale finds.  My books have a tendency to grow legs and wander off, so I’m always on the lookout for creative ways to get books on the shelves and into the students’ hands!

Happy Reading,

Mrs. Karvonen