दिवाळी विशेषांक

Objectives, Aim of Various Activities

  1. Displays
    • New Arrivals: To provide information of newly added books and other materials.
    • Notice Boards: To provide information about programmes, seminars, and notices about college administration.
    • Photo Frames: To build love and affection towards Indian culture, National leaders & Scientists.
    • Poetry Frames: To cultivate reading habit in the student.
  2. Activities
    • Educational Museum: Conserving valuable material and   Creating interest about rare books and valuable local material.

Mission of our Library

  • To spread the light of knowledge through books, other materials, various library activities.
  • Develop as a self-study center and research inspiration place.
  • Cultivate reading habits in the students.
  • Being a supportive body for college education and co-curricular activities.

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