All Taijutsu ranks kukyu through Go-gyo Judan are process through Bujinkan Hombu Dojo in Noda-shi, Japan. 

Belt Colors (Students here wear the color belt with the appropriate Bujinkan Wappan (patch):

White belt: The beginner student and is worn at the very start of training. During this period of time the student familiarizes him or herself with various dojo procedures, etiquette, training methods, and practices.

Green Belt/Red Belt (Women Only): The intermediate students are taught kihon (basic) kata (forms) and Kihon waza (techniques) and fundamentals taijutsu (kihon Happo, sanshin no kata, kamae, etc) of the art.

Brown Belt/Red Belt (Women Only):  The advanced student, where the emphasis is on combining a series of (techniques).

Black Belt: These are the students who are learning to incorporate Budo and Taijutsu into the everyday lives.