knowledge of the Budo Masters

Okui - The Secrets

1. Bu, the root of all that is, is the great spirit of the founding of our nation. This bujutsu, as a part of the Imperial Way (kodo), trains us in body and in spirit to achieve the martial spirit (buki) of Yamato-damashii (the Japanese Spirit) by means of AIKI ( a meeting of the Ki) with the multitude of deities (Yorozu no Kami). So we train to unite the truth, happiness and beauty of the sincere sole. Bu builds sincere people who have not the slightest vulnerability or opening since they have completely unified their sole and their mind. Therefor our aim is to mutually cultivate (ourselves) in both the world of appearances and in the world of essences and thus to take charge of this world of the present and bring to project harmony and beauty (our) Yamato-damashii (Japanese spirit).

2. In the narrow sense this means that we must perform austere physical training (Shugyo) with our bodies while our Kokoro (spirit/mind) remains ever mindful of what it means to be a "seeker" (shugyo-sha)

3. In the broadest sense this means unification with the Great Deity. The most important law of Bu is the need for shugyo that fosters the foundation for expressing the Holy Sole of a Surpassing Love of all that is manifested in this world.

An Auspicious Day, December, 1936. (by Morihei Uyeshiba)