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News and Updates


The Dojo is new open!

Thank you to everyone who was at the opening and attended the first series of classes.


We have Started renovation and repair on our new dojo space. All training will moved the the third floor of the house. We have started a GofundMe
Campaign  to get donations for the renovation and repairs.

Classes Canceled for the month of October & November 2014

Building out new dojo space. Classes Start again Dec. 1st.


Fridays classes canceled; Students will be attending free Japanese Language Classes.  

Starting May 1st, 2014 the dojo fees increase 5%. Mat Fee will remain the same.


Classes Schedule Change.  Because of my new job the classes schedule changed.

March 28th  2013

We cancel this weekend event because it was Easter; Happy Easter Everyone.

March 25th 2013

Classes will start-up again this weekend at the queens dojo.

March 10 2013

We are being force to move so the dojo classes with be closed in the month March and we reopen in Manhattan in the Tanjiki Dojo Space starting in April.  I will be working on the new schedule.


Schedule Changes, we are canceling weekday classes for now.

I'm back from Japan.  Classes start up again this weekend.


The dojo is closed Jan.14th to Jan. 21st, Training trip to Japan.


So there are changes at the dojo; I am closing the school down except for our Training and Holiday Party on Dec. 30th and if you want to train with before then at the Bujinkan NYC 2012 Holiday Training Charity Event
December 22 at 2:00pm. 

Kathy still need time to recovery from her Surgery and I am clean-up the dojo space; I am leaving from Jan 14th and I will be got until Jan. 21 and I will taking the Sakki Shinsa and I want to start the new year by bring everyone back to a new dojo and everyone to come back to the dojo fully commented to training.

From through to Jan 13, 2012 we will be offering 50% discount on dojo memberships from 2 months of training up to paying for 1 year.

Please sign-up early, these going to be a lot of changes in the next few weeks, which may include and new dojo location in Flushing.

The Dead-line for the 50% off membership is Jan.13th. Because I will in Japan for a week; membership is frozen and restarts when classes start up again a week is added to people when ever a teacher goes away and there are no classes. 


New Students get 3 free trial classes!

SPECIALS for the Months of October and December 2012

New Students WelcomeTwo for One Sale !!! 

Sign-up  with a friend and the second person gets half-off.  

Returning Students Refer a Fiend Special!!!
Refer and sign-up a friend to the for a month and get one month free training!

Space is limited we are only accept up to 24 new students. 

Email at charles.lucas@rukasubudodojo.com to make your appointment. Tell us which class you are going to attend and we will the send the directions and address privately. The dojo has a minimum of attendance of 2 people, please let know in advance if you are attending class or not attending classes. You may reach me at 917-653-2232 or charles.lucas@rukasubudodojo.com.

Some of you have notice I have taken the Bujinkan name off of everything concern our dojo. This is more for politics and to allow us to study and explorer. There is also not need to call ourselves a Bujinkan Dojo.  I pay my membership for both Honbu and Shidoshi kai.  I find amazing that the people who are my biggest critics don't even there general membership.  This dojo was founded for people explorer and find themselves to work towards Tatsujin.  The actions I have then will today will allow to go where you need to go and train with who you want to to walk the path you need to walk.   This year I got to train with Jean-Pierre Seibel again and he remind me how we need train.  The people I have spent the last 20 years meeting have the right spirt.  This year I am spend money and time to  bring people and host indivdual who have like mind ideas. If you come to my events leave your bujinkan politics at the dojo.  I will not turn anyone way.
Bujinkan Rukasu Budo Dojo Theme
Since I reopen the dojo and started training full time some skill of got weaker; I will our own dojo theme alone side soke theme of the year and we will work on both themes.

2012 to 2013 - Daily Training & Solo training Kenko Undo (Health Conditioning), Ukemi (Receiving), and Kihon Kata and Waza: 

I was doing solo training recently and I found out many things about my body; I will begin rank testing after we have completed the training and this study project of mine. I have personally lost a lot of weight but I have found that there are many muscles need for controlled rolling and break-fall; I found that have got weaker in many basic skill areas because of muscle tone and the flexibility need for rolling is not good enough.

I was working on slow rolling practice this Thursday and found out just how many muscles are involved in rolling. I am change the direction of my own personal training and the dojo training. Get ready for a work out.

I would like to thank everyone for coming to yesterday's Seminar with Jean-Pierre Seibel. We had a great time.

Classes will be in Manhattan this weekend.


The dojo is now offering services outside our regular martial artist sessions. Will starting this summer be supporting and hosting workshops and seminars in these subjects. Please, review our workshop and seminar page or find us on facebook.
  • Shiatsu
  • Reiki
  • Meditation

The Dojo is closed tomorrow; Training tomorrow, will be at the Bujinkan Koteki Dojo; for shidoshi Meredith Allen's Japan Review, here is the address:  6101 61st Street, West New York, NJ 07093. Details is in the dojo Facebook group.

There are classes April 8th, 2012 Kathy and I will be in the house.

There is class this Sunday.

Due to attendance we will not be having sessions, Monday and Friday evening; We will reopen these we the student populations ask for them. 

Hatsu-geiko (first training) went well, everyone and I learned a lot and Anthony taught a get class; Anthony will leaving for Europe this Thursday. The Sunday Advanced Class will be taught Merridith or me until he returns. Also starting this month we have additional classes start this Monday and Friday from 8pm to 9pm.


The  hatsu-geiko (first training)  sessions begin Monday, January 8th, 2012


This year we reopened the school had a great year of training. I like all the buyu who trained me this year; it was great. 
An we finish off the year with our first holiday training and dinner. My special thanks to everyone; I look forward to see you all next year again.

First Annual Holiday Party & Dinner

Reflecting on the reopening of the school, returning to training, the teachers I have met; and the moments of clarity; like hit myself on the head with a bokken demonstrating a technique or get the technique so right the I have the uke controlled from a self position. Makes me understand how much more we must drill the basics in both unarmed and armed taijutsu. 

As a Student of martial arts, Japanese budo, the bujinkan Arts and Shidoshi-ho in the Bujinkan Dojo; I am making changes to dojo's website; this week I been doing a lot of reflection especially after the poetry reading and these last few days of training. Hatsumi, Sensei give a little piece of himself to the good teachers out there, even separated by distance I can still hear and see him speaking through them. So the dojo is change to sharing..guiding..exploring..these are keywords for the upcoming year. We must drop our opinions, preconception, etc...to see the true. The true must felt with all 6 senses, if you train and only use one or two of your senses you miss essence of the teachings...thank you for listening.