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Theory driven research

Two aspects of CIRTS model will be explored:

1. The effect of Bilking

In a presentiment set up the anticipatory activity preceding a stimulus is used to 'predict' the stimulus condition. The software will either present a stimulus of the non predicted category or no intervention occurs. We will use the face detection task.

2. The effect of brain coherence

Brain coherence will be continuously monitored and will be correlated with the accuracy of the inference of the future stimulus condition.

Further projects are

3. Development of a PK-RNG test environment. 

This environment is embedded in a QRP preventing shell with real time uploading of data and implicit pre-registration. The software is highly parametrized and allows sampling form several random sources even within a run. Thus stimulating theory relevant research.

4. Development of selection instruments for subjects and experimenters

This occurs in the context of the Bial-funded  Schlitz-Bem experimenter effect research.