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Associative Remote Viewing uses a unpredictable world event like the outcome of the roulette, black or red, as the random number proces to select a target, say a picture.
A subject describes a picture while two pictures have been chosen as potential target. The protocol requires that picture A will be sent to the subject as feedback when random event produces 'black' and the picture B will be sent to the subject when the outcome is 'red'. If the description that has been produced is significantly more similar to picture A then the roulette player will play 'black' because that color is associated with picture A. The total project consists of 3 such ARV experiment by independent labs and using different protocols. A formal theoretical prediction is that the probability for success decreases with higher stakes. The evidential value is not only provided the statistical analysis but also by the financial gains. The latter is often a better way to convince people than with statistics. This project is waiting for external funding.