Mission Statement

Can we reliably replicate 'anomalous phenomena' in the lab? This question has been on the research agenda of academic experimental parapsychology for over a century. The goal of the Heymans Anomalous Cognition Group is to provide an answer to this question, taking a systematic approach towards the replication of psi phenomena.
"Anomalous cognition" is an umbrella term for the study of phenomena that do not seem to fit within our normal understanding of human cognition -- think of phenomena like precognition, presentiment, or telepathy. Such phenomena, also referred to as 'psi', have been studied by psychologists ever since James established the first experimental psychology laboratory at Harvard University.

However, the area is controversial to say the least. First, anomalous phenomena appear to be incompatible with our general understanding of physics. Second, laboratory studies of anomalous phenomena have thus far not produced a 'smoking gun': strong evidence of the existence of psi that would also win over skeptics.    ...... MORE

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