New on Café OTO's TakuRoku imprint:

False Self plays music for six pianos was composed whilst studying with Jim Denizen Simm. The compositions are experimental, system based works for six pianos; that use integer tables to arrange found cells of slow, jazzy piano music. Each piano has eight cells of music and one silent cell. The cells mobilize as hypnotic cyclones of repetition, that move in and out of sync, to create complexity from simplicity. As the compositions progress, the cells extinguish themselves in a languid, stuttering fashion — before the process begins anew.

Rudi Arapahoe 2021

Plates, Vol 2: Mirrors

Plate XII explores a permutation of mirror harmony.

Plate XV is a piano arrangement of Mechanical Mask (from the 2016 album False Self). This composition began life as generative False Self work. In June 2020 I revisited it and arranged it for solo piano.

The EP is a now available for download on Bandcamp.

Plates, Vol 1: Système sur-atonal

Plates volume one is an exploration of Erik Satie's cryptic Système sur-atonal. The Système consists of a series of 4 scales suggesting seven four-note chords. The chords consist of only three intervals: Major 3rds, 4ths and diminished 5ths (and their enharmonics).

The EP is a now available for download on Bandcamp.