New on Café OTO's TakuRoku imprint:

False Self plays music for six pianos was composed whilst studying with Jim Denizen Simm. Jim kindly indoctrinated me into his own working methods and some of the methods of his friends and collaborators, many of whom are ex-Scratch Orchestra members; such as Michael Parsons, John White, Christopher Hobbs and Howard Skempton.

The album comprises of four long-form compositions for six pianos. The compositions use integer tables to arrange found cells of slow, jazzy piano music. Each piano has eight cells of music and one silent cell. The cells mobilize as hypnotic cyclones of repetition, that move in and out of sync, to create complexity from simplicity. As the compositions progress, the cells extinguish themselves in a languid, stuttering fashion — before the process begins anew.

When I listen to this album I like to imagine passing through a sequence of beautiful hotel foyers that each lead on to another hotel foyer — I find the spaces equally transitory and welcoming. This album is part of my False Self series.

Rudi Arapahoe 2021

A notebook page scanned from the False Self plays music for six pianos composition process: