I compose music — most of my output is slow, spacious and experimental.

I live and work in Lincoln, Lincolnshire (UK). Before this I worked in the British film industry, for an audio post-production company in Soho (London), on a variety of well received British and North American films and drama series.

I am currently creating Plates and False Self works. Plates are compositions for piano, bleeps and voice. The series is set around a fanciful psychometric test that I am developing. False Self compositions play with ideas of authorship, and a composers musical identity. They typically deploy found materials, and some kind of systematic musical process to arrive at a place that feels familiar, but somehow unnatural.

I've composed for a variety of projects such as contemporary dance, installation art and theatre — and had these works shown in Japan, Russia, Denmark, Italy and North America.

Recent work and a few favourite older projects are featured below:

Selected discography:

False Self plays music for six pianos (2021) - Album - (Café OTO TakuRoku)

Plates, Vol 2: Mirrors (2020) - Two compositions for piano

Plates, Vol 1: Système sur-atonal (2020) - Two compositions for electric piano and one composition for synthesized flute

Selected works for theatre:

SIS production of Ikunio Shimizu's Gakuya (Dressing Room) - Theatre Tram, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (ran for 47 nights & televised nationally on 15 occasions)

Selected mixed media artworks (as a collaborating artist):

Mask - with Tala Lee-Turton (Contemporary Dance, UK)

The Conversation - with Piero Roi (Photographic / Performance)

In Older Kingdoms - with Martin Thaulow (Installation - Bornholm, Denmark)

Contraction - with Martin Thaulow (Installation - Copenhagen, Denmark)