Music Composer

False Self - experimental musical compositions that deploy generative systems and found musical materials to explore ideas of authorship and identity.

Plates - a series of miniatures for piano (or electric piano), synthesizer and voice.

Realms - a series of psychometric tests. An online taster test can be found here. In person and video module testing is available in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK - email for details.

The composition below is from the False Self series. The composition uses an integer table to arrange found cells of slow, jazzy piano music. Each piano has eight cells of music and one silent cell. The cells mobilize as hypnotic cyclones of repetition, that move in and out of sync, to create complexity from simplicity. As the compositions progress, the cells extinguish themselves in a languid, stuttering fashion — before the process begins anew.


Realms - Projective Test: Module A (2023) - psychometric test (video file with mono audio, 3 mins 28 seconds)

Realms - Constellation Test: Module A (2023) - psychometric test (video file with mono audio, 1 mins 11 seconds)

Selected compositions & discography:

False Self plays music for six pianos (2021) - four compositions for six pianos (Café OTO TakuRoku, UK)

Plates, Vol 2: Mirrors (2020) - two compositions for piano

Plates, Vol 1: Système sur-atonal (2020) - two compositions for electric piano and one composition for synthesized flute (The Orchard / Sony)

A false memory of a sports party (2018) - album, five electronic works (The Orchard / Sony)

False Self (2016) - album, six electronic works (The Orchard / Sony)

Double Bind (2013) - EP, four studio compositions (The Orchard / Sony)

Echoes from one to another (2008) - album, twelve studio compositions (The Orchard / Sony)

Selected works for theatre:

SIS production of Ikunio Shimizu's Gakuya (Dressing Room) - Theatre Tram, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (47 nights)

Selected mixed media artworks (as a collaborating artist):

The Conversation - with Piero Roi (Photography)

In Older Kingdoms - with Martin Thaulow (Installation - Bornholm, Denmark)

Contraction - with Martin Thaulow (Installation - Copenhagen, Denmark)