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WIFI Badger


Get the strongest and best performing WIFI access point automatically based on your selected roaming profile. 

Works great on most mobile or on the move devices:
- Phones
- Tablets

Available roaming profiles:
- Same SSID (Roam across access points that have the same name)
- Any Saved SSID (Roam across any saved access point regardless of name)
- Any SSID and Open (Roam across any saved and open access points) *VPN Suggested
- Off (Turns off roaming. Only use as a WIFI scanner)

Great for businesses, homes, or any large building with multiple access points.

All timers are customizable. Choose how often you want your device to check for better access points. 

View your connections current status and the available access points in your area.

Get the best from your WIFI!

Marshmallow (Android 6.0) support has been added.

- Green = Connected AP
- Yellow = Candidate AP
- Blue = Encrypted AP
- Red = Open AP

- English only

WIFI Badger

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