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The creation and development of applications can be time consuming. I don't believe in soiling my applications with ads and I always wish to keep them ad free. If you like my content or any of my applications and you wish to show your support you can copy any of the below cryptocurrency addresses, scan the bar codes,  click on the "Buy Me a Coffee" button for Paypal and send me some cash, or you can donate CPU power to mine Monero cryptocurrency and help me and the community. It is always appreciated. 

Please keep in mind that this is not a donation and it is not tax deductible. This is a gift from you to me.

I accept Paypal (bottom), CPU cycles (right) and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin). (See below)


ETHEREUM: 0xf2a32566d477fa6681e739269c5b96d3e3ecd39b

LITECOIN: LZRYw6vcWZv3aFQnwW29umbeJJcLkz8aCW




Use your CPU to Mine me Coffee
(Coffee Processing Unit)
Thank You!