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Ella Wilby

Scrubber Ducky - A Data Clean up and Transformation Tool

Almost all fields of research require analysis of some form of data but this can become quite a difficult task
when the data is badly formatted or has missing values. Such data can only be of use if meaningful information 
can be gathered through an analysis of the data.
This project therefore intends to develop a tool-set for performing basic data validations, transformations as 
well as detection and recovery of errors and inconsistencies. The implementation of this project should allow
the user to either select a standard data format or create their own custom formats for both input and output 
using visual regex-like pattern matching and semantic naming.
The intended implementation of this project would therefore not only serve to identify corrupted or bad data, 
but hopefully could also be used as a tool for extracting data whose structure cannot be determined by 
automated parsers or for users who do not possess the ability to write a script to parse the data.

Supervisor: Barry Irwin
Ella Wilby,
Apr 16, 2018, 6:20 AM