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Picking brains of NICU RTs and calling for travellers

posted Jul 15, 2016, 12:41 PM by Amanda Rampersaud
We are submitting a grant application to Grand Challenges Canada. $100,000 is on the line here. 4 years ago, RTWB pitched the concept of an adaptor to harvest waste bubble energy from a bubble CPAP setup to provide bubble biphasic to an engineering design team. (Utility is great for any site that currently offers bubble CPAP to provide the next level of care with limited resource input and equipment upgrades.) Fast forward, a design has been created with a patent pending, it's time for RTs to step up again and bring this technology to the world.

What we need:
1) STAT: NICU RTs are needed immediately to create a pre-screening tool for all bubble CPAP sites to ensure it is being done correctly. The screening tool must be done by this Sunday (Jul 17).
2) NOW: NICU RTs to train staff at the inaugural site doing the clinical efficacy trial for the bubble biphasic system
3) In 4 months: RTs travelling the world to venture into clinics and conduct pre-screening for bubble biphasic
4) In 6 months: RTs travelling to world to return to clinics to assist with inservicing qualifying sites to use bubble biphasic well.

Anyone interested, email eric@rtwb.ca