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Become a Healthcare Education Partner

RTWB/ISF works exclusively with Healthcare Education Partner (HEP) sites. This is to ensure that there is a respiratory need that RTWB/ISF can address with a deployment.
HEP applicant criteria
- must be a registered healthcare facility with the local government
- must be a functional healthcare facility in good standing with the public 
- must have access to fresh/clean water supply
- must have an identified need for a respiratory therapist through the Needs Assessment
- must have completed the HEP Written Agreement
HEP applications forms

HEP intake process (3 Easy steps!)
1. Complete Sections 1-4 of the HEP Needs Assessment and email to the Director of Healthcare Education Partner (HEP) Relations.
2. The Director of HEP Relations will complete Sections 5-6 and the HEP Written Agreement together with you.
3. The completed Needs Assessment will be processed by the Board of Directors within a month.

Get involved
**If you are a representative of a healthcare centre looking for a respiratory therapist, please complete Sections 1-4 of the HEP Needs Assessment(samples)
**If you are a respiratory therapist travelling abroad. You are a key player to complete the HEP Needs Assessment.

Dan Elliot -
Director of International Relations
Healthcare Education Partnership Coordinator