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Get deployed

Below are a list of Needs Assessments from our trusted Healthcare Education Partners worldwide. The Needs Assessments include information on the region of interest, healthcare facility, current needs and a recruitment profile. 

Deployment Opportunities - LIVE

Deployment Process
Phase I: I want to apply!
1. Review the NEW Deployment package.
2. Review Needs Assessments (above) and find a suitable match
3. Complete the Application Form.
4. Sign the Waiver & Release of Liabilities. Email it with your curriculum vitae to the Director of Deployment. Your application is now complete.
5. Expect to hear from the Deployment Coordinator within 2 weeks. Suitable candidates will be offered an online interview within a month.

Phase II: I've got an Interview!
6. In preparation for the interview, download Google Hangouts. This is mandatory. Your interview will be conducted by 2 persons  - one of which will be the Regional Representative who will be able to provide more culturally relevant information. Google Hangouts will be used to screen share photos/videos so that you have a better idea what you are potentially getting into. (Note: The interview is a chance for you as the potential candidate to see whether this is the right fit for you as well. Please come with questions.)
7. The top 3 suitable candidates will have their applications forwarded to the Healthcare Education Partner (HEP) for final selection. All candidates will be notified of the final decision together. The HEP will be introduced to the successful candidate. 

Phase III: I'm getting deployed! 
8. It is your responsibility to work out travel logistics with the HEP. When you have finalized travel dates, notify the Deployment Coordinator. (The Deployment Coordinator will arrange for your medical coverage while abroad.)
9. Confirm your medical coverage before you go. Continue to dialogue with the Regional Representative for any questions, comment or concerns throughout your time preparing, abroad and debriefing.

Phase IV: What next?
10. Please complete the Post Deployment Record (Feedback Survey) to help us improve our services for future deployments.
11. Inspire others by sharing your experience!
12. Go again!

Please fire any questions my way.

Clement Hui
Director of Deployments