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Story Ideas. Remember to write your story idea here before you start writing so that no one else writes about the same topic. Put you name next to your story idea so that I can keep track of what you have written 
(eg.  RTMS wins Cross country - Arsalan 73)


Article Templates
These are the templates you will use to write your articles. When you open one, please click on one, please go to the file menu and select "make a copy" to start writing.                                                            

 Article about an event This type of article is used to report to the school about a sporting event Write about some cool activity that happened in your classroom or in another club at our school. It could be something that happened outside of school but is related to our school, or a broader issue in the world that you think the school should be more aware of.
 Book or movie reviewThis could be a review of a popular new movie or a book or an old classic treasure that you want to share with the school.
 This could be a review of a new product, band,
Funny facts, riddles, etc...
 "How to" articleHow do you make your grandma's special cookies? A gingerbread man? A pinwheel? Share your special knowledge with RTMS by writing a 'how to' or a reicpe.
 Research TopicAre you interested in a particular topic? Do you have some special knowledge that you want to share? Would you like to find out more about an important topic and share it with RTMS? Research and share what you know in an article.
 Interview Want to meet someone special in RTMS? A custodian, principal, or teacher? Follow these easy steps to get the inside scoop from someone who knows, then publish it in our newspaper.

Sample Articles

Research Topic
Recipe / How to
Movie / Book Review