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Hour of Code - HourOfCode.rtms.ca

If you want to code here are some amazing places to start!

Code.org  (Click sign-in in the upper right with G+)  - best all round with MANY choices

Google Santa Coding = Codelab
Google Santa Coding = Code Boogie
Google Santa Coding = Holiday Emoji - Made with Code

Generally organized easiest to more complex.

Scratch - Create your account with the first part of your Gmail + RTMS + YEAR YOU GRADUATE = e.g.  bub666RTMS20
Here is the help video
  • Graduating years:
    • Grade 8=19
    • Grade 7=20
    • Grade 6=21
    • Grade 5=22
  • Use your birthdate Jan 1, 2000
  • Next you MUST check your Gmail and verify your Scratch account

Scratch 3 BETA - the new Scratch with new features



More Videos

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