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Grade 5 Parent Visit

posted 7 Jun 2017, 13:13 by Mr. C Sakai RTMS   [ updated 7 Jun 2017, 15:04 ]
  1. Lower center screen.
  2. Turn off emergency lights.
  3. Set up computer on centre screen.
  4. Launch Grade 5 Spark LOOPING parent presentation.
  5. Make sure videos at end play.
  6. Make sure sound works.
  7. 2 students stay at computer to help with presentation.
Right Screen
  1. Pull down screen (see custodian for help)
  2. Set up cart with projector.
  3. Connect Chromebook with HDMI to projector
  4. Launch chatview.rtms.ca  to show on screen for parents.
  5. On your personal Chromebook, launch chat.rtms.ca  to for "Parent Q & A" SCREEN VIEW.  You can sign in with Google and answer questions.

Students can login to Today's Meet chat.