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Dipity has been having some problems, so you may try one of the other ones below.

Remember to set your username as the same as your Google Apps username
eg. hom999
a combination of your name, class and school
eg. Cory 71 RTMS

NEVER put your real LAST name.   Use RTMS instead.  We are one BIG happy family.

NEVER put your real birthday.  Please use Jan 1, 2000 instead.

CLICK over 13 if you want to be able to share will classmates.


  • only use the month and year, if you need to put a day, then choose the 1st of the month
  • never write your real last name, use RTMS instead
  • always only use your RTMS email address

Programs - BEST - our favourite because it allows collaboration, embedding multimedia, and is very pretty - timelines as well as posters and infographics

Meh Programs - not very pretty - difficult to sign in, but looks ok - DON'T USE - this is specifically about YOU as a personal timeline - username should be the first part of your email eg. bub666 

linking timelines to class page

Timelines - Making a Timeline with Timetoast

Timelines - Account Sign Up

Cool Timelines

Great Student Examples Below

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