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Video - 2 Storyboarding

The most important step in creating videos is storyboarding. 

Blank storyboard templates are attached at the bottom.

Here are some student samples of storyboards.  The template is attached at the bottom.

Drawings of cameras shots for "Answering the Phone" - NOT A TRUE STORYBOARD



How to fold and create a storyboard.


Storyboard for the Greenwood Preparation H commercial video.

Storyboard for Mr. Davidson's "Wacky News" video.

Storyboard for Racism PSA

YouTube Video

"-ism" video examples of:
  • faith as an ISM
  • ableism
  • ageism
  • racism
  • sexism
  • heterosexism
  • classism

Mr. Greenwood's French Video

More storyboard templates here:

ACMI Interactive Storyboard Generator - try creating your own storyboard

Interactive Test Movie Creator - Try creating your own simple animated movie with this interactive story board tool. - graphic organizer to create storyboards - online storyboard maker similar to Bitstrips - limited use - make storyboards

Great Student Examples Below

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