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Sketchnote and Paper Crafting

Sketchnoting is creating a note from graphic imagery and text a.k.a a sketchnote.  This can be created into a video too.
"Common Crafting" or paper crafting, is creating an animated video from paper pieces that you manipulate. - login with Google - Google Drawings - get this through Google Drive and NEW


PLAYLIST ALL VIDEOS - complete list of all videos and more

Sketchnotes without Drawing Pictures - tips on how to get started with Sketchnoting without drawing elaborate artistic images

Common Craft Video Tips - tips on how to make a Common Craft style video

Common Craft Style Videos - instructions on how to make a Common Craft style video

Common Craft Video Behind the Scenes - behind the scenes of making a Common Craft style video

Gold Rush - Papercraft Style - this is the actual video from above

Making of "Boy in Striped Pajamas" - behind the scenes - how to video

Videos - Setup for Recording

Tripod Setup for Paper Craft Recording - how to set up a tripod for recording

Behind the Scenes - what the recording session looks like and how it runs

Papercraft Example Tokue Science Radiation ROUGH CUT - this is the first edit with lots of things that needed to be edited out, so it is a ROUGH CUT

Papercraft Example Tokue Science Radiation + VOICEOVER = FINAL - this is the final version 

Storyboard - Mr. Tokue's science radiation STORYBOARD

Script - Mr. Tokue's science radiation SCRIPT

Cut Outs to be Animated - these are simple examples of what your manipulative cut outs should look like

Finished Examples Videos

Augmented Reality in Plain English - Common Craft PROFESSIONAL example

Water Locks Common Craft Style - STUDENT sample explaining water locks using Common Craft style

Solar System Common Craft Style - STUDENT example explaining the solar system using Common Craft style

GLS Journey Sketchnote + Paper Craft - cross between a sketchnote and paper craft video

Animated Sketchnote - "Fixed vs. Growth Mindset" SPROUTS sketchnote animated

Animated Sketchnote"Helping Children Fulfill their Full Potential" RSA Animate sketchnote animated


Great Student Examples Below


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