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Reviews Online for Persuasive Writing

Review Template - template for a persuasive writing review.

If you have sites to suggest, then please add them here.  There are two sections.

Sites with reviews to read and create - products = everything - books, games, movies - books - trip and vacation locations, restaurants, places and attractions * BEST - restaurants and places - restaurants (previously called - games (only available at home)  - products, games (reviews take a long time to appear) - internet movie database

Site with reviews, but you can not create your own - products, games, books - games (only available at home)

How to write a game review

Creating Accounts

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You can say "YES" for "am I over 13/16/18?" since we have the permission from your parents, since you they signed the permission form at the beginning of the year.

Use your RTMS user ID unless it asks you for a real name, only then should you use your first name.

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