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QR Codes and URL Shorteners

QR (Quick Response) codes are the confusing square pixelated boxes that you see on paper that people can scan with their devices. QR codes usually take you to a website, email or provide you with text information. - create all sorts of QR codes


Android - Google Play Android:  FREE download and use    from the Google Play store.
iOS - Apple iTunes:  FREE download and use scan inc   from the iTunes store.
Click here to add it right now to your device through your computer.

Scan this and see what it is.You do not have to embitt this on your website.

URL Shorteners - use this to make a complicated URL short and easy to type. - create an account and make your long complicated URL shorter.

Shorten your portfolio website URL to be the FIRST PART OF YOUR EMAIL address.
eg.              would be           bub666

Great Student Examples Below