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Video - 3 Creation and Editing


  1. Camera Shot Types
  2. Storyboard Creation
  3. Camera Types and Use - also how to upload/download video and pictures
  4. Video Editing

Editing Online: - online video editor that uses Google Drive and has quick and easy features  (login with google+) - ACADEMY TUTORIAL VIDEOS - how to use WeVideo

Videos - Getting Started Organizing and Sharing 

Videos - Editing

Editing and Creating a Final Video (not shooting video) - Sharpening a Pencil

Make a short 15-30 sec video about "sharpening a pencil" using the video clips that I have provided.  Use at least 8 different camera shots or video clips.  You can follow the storyboard if you want or make your own.

Video Clips of Sharpening a Pencil - (shared Google Drive folder) - click "Add to drive" in the upper right to add these videos to your drive

Sharpening a Pencil Terror - final Youtube video

Finished Examples on YouTube

Other Video Resources

Stock Video Footage - Title and intro creation - Cool titles and intro creation

Canadian Heritage Moments - online video editor - online video editor with great features, but only allows 1 video download *NOT RECOMMENDED*

Great Student Examples Below

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