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Adventure Island Intro - interactive basic introduction to mapping symbology

Contour Lines and Topographic Maps  - what are contour lines and topographic maps (terrain feature in Google maps) and how to read them
Topographic Maps Video - taking a model and making a contour line map with topographic maps explained
Topographic Map Video - making a topographic map model from a contour line map
Contour Line Topographic Map Reading Contour Lines on a Map

Map Projections - what are the differences between map projections?

Google Maps vs. Mercator Projection Game - comparing the real sizes of countries

Family Vacation Game - map directions interactive map game - guess where the Google Street View is from - Geography Trivia Games 


Google Maps - - includes maps, satellite view, and Google Earth view, and create your own map

Map Maker - National Geographic map maker


Google Maps Tips and Tricks - some basic features, tips and tricks, to use Google Maps effectively

Custom Google Maps - how to create a custom Google Map

Link and Embed Custom Maps - link and embed your custom Google Map

* SHARING - to share a map, make sure you have dragged the map into your "Website Resources" folder. *

Mapping - Custom Google Map Creation

Students Create Google Flood Rescue Map - true story about how Google Maps was used in helping to save a flooded area.

Other Maps

Outline Maps - outline maps of all parts of the world

Nation Geographic Interactive Map Overlays - interactive map that allows you to overlay information - interactive maps and graphs for the entire world - * CHECK OUT DOLLAR STREET *

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