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Remember to use your RTMS Gmail appropriately.

Set up a Google Chrome desktop shortcut for school.

- don't delete any Gmail from your TRASH, they will delete automatically
- Gmail is usually sorted with the newest email at the top
- you can search your Gmail by just typing in a name or subject key word at the top


Beware of these online scams (from CBC article Wedding dress Kijiji scam doesn't fool Calgary couple)

There are many different scams and ways criminals can defraud people online. Many of these have become familiar as they gained popularity in recent years, such as the "Granny scam" or letters from people in West Africa offering victims a cut of their cash if they help stash it online. However, most online fraud falls under one of three categories.

  • Phishing is when a fraudster sends out mass spam messages to try and draw victims to a website designed to look very similar to a business's website that is reputable, such as a big bank or government department. The term "phishing" is a play on fishing — the criminal is throwing out bait to see if they can get a fish (you) to take it. Once the victim arrives on the fake website, they are generally prompted to provide personal or financial details that will then be used to commit identify fraud.

  • Pharming is when a criminal, often a hacker, redirects traffic from a legitimate website to a fake website without the victim being aware of it. The victim then enters personal information, which is "harvested" by the criminal, which is where the name — a play on the word farming — derives from.

  • Spoofing is when a criminal uses software or an online tool to mask their identity by displaying a fake e-mail address, name or telephone number on the victim's computer or phone. This is meant to trick the victim into thinking they are dealing with someone trustworthy and also hides their location. Internet service providers and telephone companies can unmask people using spoofing but only if they are informed quickly, before their database overwrites the information.

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