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Video - 1 Camera Shots

Types of Camera Shots and Angles
Camera Shot Examples - PHOTOS Cheat Sheet
Camera Shot Examples - DRAWINGS

Video 101 - a good place to start for everything

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Camera Angles Used in Movies - examples of different camera angles used in different movies.


Examples of Commercials and Videos with Multiple Shot Types

Burger King Commercial with David Beckham 2012 (30 sec.) - count the number of shots are there 18?
Doritos Chihuahua Commercial (30 sec.) - can you name all the different camera shots?
Red Lobster Shrimp Fest 2018 (30 sec.) - does not include people, but product only.
Blue Bunny Ice Cream Commercial (30 sec.) - are the shots similar shots?
Colgate Toothpaste Commercial (30 sec.) - moving with the camera smoothly is called a dolly shot
Darth Vader Volkswagen Commercial (30 sec.)  - how do you show emotion without a face that moves?

Whiplash Movie (5 min.) - look at all the different camera shots and angles 

BONUS - Camera Shooting Cheats

Watch Video 2 - Storyboarding next.

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