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Extra Support

Here are some extra online supports offered.  All are free to RTMS students and families.

These 3 are found on page letter "J" of the student agenda.

eLearning Ontario Resources - - has lots of interactive resources that teach exactly what students are learning linked to curriculum documents (login: pdsbstudent pass: oerbs)

Math Homework Help - - this is a free online live MATH tutoring service from the province of Ontario  - OEN# from your student ID or report card is needed

PDSB Library Resouces - - has lots of research resources also in interactive audio visual formats

School Sites - has ESL support links to websites and support documents - has ISSP support links to websites and support documents - has support and videos for everything we do that is technology related, including Google READ & WRITE assisstive reading/writing tools free to our students. All students have been taught how to use Google Read & Write. - has what you need to know about developing proper research skills.

Subject Areas

French - has reading, writing, listening and speaking practice in French and several other languages too.

French Writing Center: Grammar and Writing Assistance - A vos Plume has grammar and writing exercises for all levels. - listen to children's stories in French - listening quiz based upon useful French words

French Skills- resource for listening, reading, writing and oral

Math - is a math drill site for basic math skills with parent and student email updates on progress


Extra - typing tutor that tracks progress - students have all set up accounts