Blogs are weB+LOGS.  Basically journals online, on the web.  This may help:  BrainPOP Explains Blogs

Remember that you are responsible for the new blog topic of the week, every week.  You have 5 min. at the beginning of every class and if you do not have access to a computer at home, you can go to:
  • public library
  • lab/library before school
  • lab/library at lunch
  • lab/library after school
  • work on your classroom computer 
  • You can also borrow a netbook from the library to take home

You are required to write:

  • in proper English language
  • a minimum of 3 sentences

You will usually be given the option of writing on a topic of your choice so feel free to dedicate your blog to a specific topic so that all your blog posts are focused on one theme.

Here is a typical set of minimum requirements/success criteria for a level 2+/3-

  • state your opinion and support it with evidence
  • 1 topic appropriate, properly linked picture that relates to the blog (size small) and max 3 pictures
  • connect your blog theme/topic to the variety of writing prompts 
  • at least 3 school appropriate sentences in paragraph format
  • correct punctuation, grammar, Spelling, capitalization
  • normal readable font (10-12 pt) and only change colour and font when needed or for emphasis
  • the comments section at end of main blog page on your portfolio website
  • complete number of blogs (see the week-by-week topics below)
  • the title should be short
  • try to reply to comments

  • your full name
  • address
  • phone number
  • password/ login
  • email
  • picture of yourself
  • student number
  • birthday
Please do put things like
  • things you like to do
  • music, games, sports, and subjects you like or like to play
  • what you are hoping people will gain from reading your blog

Every blog should have an introduction to the theme.  Here is an example of a blog about THEATRE:

Behind the Curtain
Thanks for visiting my blog. I am going to talk about everything I know about theatre...but especially musical theatre, which is my favourite. I have been involved in theatre for my whole life and have fun going to see plays in Toronto. I hope you learn something about the theatre and enjoy my blog!

Help videos are at the bottom.

Link to see the complete topic list also shown below.   Also, see  

Blog topics week-by-week: 2016/17


Adding Images - adding and inserting images into your blog

Deleting Untitled Posts - how to delete untitled posts

Removing Highlighting and Formatting - remove different fonts, colours and sizes from text

Comments - set up comments on your blog page.

Vlogs with WeVideo -  how to make a Vlog with WeVideo.

Introduction to Blogs - BrainPOP's video introduction to blogs

Digital Citizenship - BrainPOP's video on proper "netiquette"

Writing Starters - giving two sides to popular debated topics

Brainstormer - helps to choose a topic or a random topic
Hero Factory - need a hero to write about?  Make one and download it first
Plinky - not only blog writing ideas, but also responses to them from other people too!