"Laughing, teaching and learning together, one click at a time''

Welcome to the center of Technology at RTMS and the home of the Tech Team. 

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Thanks to all who applied for the Tech Team 2018-2019.  We had a new record 200 applicants so the competition was incredible!  Thanks to all the people who applied to be on the Tech Team.  Your interest in getting involved at RTMS means you're STANDING with US!  I wish we could have taken you all, but spaces were limited.  Remember there are plenty of tech clubs to come that is open to everybody!  

Congratulations Tech Team 2018-2019     - I'm standing with you.  You're standing with me.  We're standing together.

Tya E 50 Mr.Boesch
Khai H 50 Mr.Boesch
Leena S 51 Ms.Latta
Misbah U 51 Ms. Latta
Raadha K 52 Ms.Karrys
Mahd S 52 Ms.Karrys
Lamar M 53 Ms.Goulbourne
Victor N 53 Ms.Goulbourne
Shanzay K 54 Mr.Delfin
Zareen M 54 Mr.Delfin
Reem H 55 Ms.Ching -Vo
Zoha 55 Ms.Ching -Vo
AhmedA 56Mr. Salandra
RahafK 56Mr. Salandra
Aryan N 57 Mrs.Gordon
Yashica T 57 Mrs.Gordon
Oumama A 58 Mr. Suh
Eisa S 58 Mr. Suh
Rayyan r 59 Ms. Fazio

Abdulaziz A 60 Ms.Langley
Suvethaa U 60 Ms. Langley
Shahzaib AR 61 Ms.Vento
Rida K 61 Ms.Vento
Mazen A 62 Mrs.Keuning
Jasmine C 62 Mrs. Keuning
Momina M 63 Mr.Greenwood
Manahil A 63 Mr. Greenwood
Navin J 64 Ms.Klein
Junaid K 64 Ms.Klein
Shayan H 65 Mrs.Diana
Simreen S 65 Ms.Diana
Dulan P 66 Mr. Crossley
Daniyal T 66 Mr. Crossley
Zoya F 67 Mr Overgaard
Saad K 67 Mr. Overgaard
Sid M 68 Mr.Sunnak
Caitlynn 68 Mr.Sunnak
Sumehar M 69 Ms.Pogue
Eden K 69 Ms Pogue
Sanika S 70 Mr. DeAbreu
Andy T 70 Mr. DeAbreu
Zara T 71 Ms.Raphael
Shayan S 71 Ms.Raphael
Ayesha K 72 Ms.Cole
Mustafa Q 72 Ms.Cole
Nasvin J 73 Mrs. Neath
ShanzayQ                     73Mrs.Neath
Vishnu M 74 Mrs.Heiss
Sabrina K 74 Mrs. Heiss
Manaal A 75 Mr.Tokue
Leena K 75 Mr.Tokue
Nizar A 76 Mrs. Barrington
Khuban      N 76 Mrs.Barrington
Adam E 77 Mrs.Hutchinson
Mia Z 77 Mrs.Hutchinson
Farah A 78 Mrs.Dobson
Maryam M 78 Mrs.Dobson
jawad S 80 Ms. Nervo
Haniya K 80 Ms.Nervo
Taha H 81 Mr. Egan
Rania S 81 Mr. Egan
Furqaan 82 
 HanaaQ 82Ms.McDonald
Zainab A 83 Mrs. Meyada
Hasan A 83 Mme Mayeda
Yousef A 84 Mrs Derry
Aarib S 84 Mrs. Derry
Leena A 85 Mr. Jailal
Ali A 85 Mr. Jailall
Nesrin A 86 Mrs. Jafri
Faizon A 86 Mrs. Jafri
Zoha M 87 Mr. Stroud
Siddharth S 87 Mr. Stroud
Mahad A 88 Ms Urac
Anthony S 88 Ms Urac
Zaynah A 72-BOT Ms. Cole
Nasvin J 73-Lib Ms.Neath
Sourojeet A 74-811/812/813 Mrs. Heiss
Sara I 80-BOT Ms. Nervo
Keval M 81-OFFICE Mr.Egan
Syra S 86-Ath Coun Ms. Jafri 


Mr. Sakai the Computer Guy 
905-814-1729 x208

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