diy plastic cap fidget spinner

now this diy is different because i'm  gonna show you how to make a fidget spinner with a plastic cap it seems kind of weird  but it works and I personally tried it and it works 

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you only need a : 
                        glue gun 
                      +  plastic cap
you just gonna glue the 3 plastic caps together as you see in the picture  and when you done you put the toothpick  In the the middle cap  and you just spin it  and you have your  fidget spinner 

 diy birthday gifts 

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i really loved this idea i think it's gonna be  so fun or if you play it as a game 

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i really love this idea and its so cute i think you can give  this gift to girls who like nail polish 


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you can decor your room with this cute thing that it have you and your best friend photos and you can do it to you and to your best friend and give it to them 


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i really love this diy you can do it with yourself by write on the shirt and then paint  the writing