Inquiry Checklist

Every student's process is going to be a little bit different and you won't follow the same path every time you do an inquiry either! 

Here is a suggested process to get you started:

 Brainstorm what you know about your topic

  Categorize questions into categories or broad topics
  Brainstorm keywords and vocabulary related to your topic
  Decide which question or point of view will be your focus for inquiry
  Choose resources (i.e. databases, websites, books, articles, podcasts, etc.)
  Check in
  •  Is your research is answering your questions?
  • Have you used a variety of quality resources?
  • Are you following the Success Criteria for this assignment?
  Organize your findings
  • How can you best present or communicate your learning? (i.e. Prezi, graphic organizer, paragraph, video, etc.)
 Create your presentation
  • What went well? What would you change?
 What's next?
  • What questions went unanswered during your inquiry?
  • How can you test or dig deeper into your findings?
  • Who needs to know about your findings?