Effective Online Search Strategies

Did you know...

Google automatically looks for all words you enter into your search separately

EG: if you look up global warming, Google will show hits for all sites/resources that have the words global and warming.

Use all lowercase and avoid plural terms in searches for better results

You can use Google’s Advanced Search to effectively focus search results. Watch this video to learn how!

Google News is a great source for current event information. Watch this video to learn how to use it effectively!

Boolean Operators (a fancy way to use "and", "or" and "not")
*see the "how to" video below






pollution and cancer

Sites/resources containing both of the keywords will appear


pollution and cancer or asthma

Sites/resources that refer to pollution and cancer OR pollution and asthma


pollution and cancer not disease

Sites/resources that specifically report on cancer and pollution, not general diseases in relation to pollution

(               )

(pollution and cancer) and asthma

Pollution and cancer will be searched first and then asthma added. So, the main focus is the first two words but another key term adds more detailed results

“               “

global warming

Whole phrase will be searched instead of global and warming separately

How to use Boolean Operators to improve your online topic search